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BedBuggs Boutique is more than Happy to Host your Giveaway Item!

Giveaways are a great way to promote your shop and help spread the word! And the best part is that it is affordable and fun advertising!

After having a few Giveaways Hosted by other Bloggers...I have personally found them to be very successful and fun!
But unlike many of the "spam bloggers" that spend their time convoing Shops for "freebies" in exchange for a Giveaway and Review...BedBuggs won't ask for anything in return other than being a follower of our blog (to share the news).

BedBuggs submits every Giveaway to Several Giveaway Sites and Blogs....who in turn spread the news throughout the web about your Giveaway and Ultimately draws traffic to your Shop!!!

Required Entries include (but are not limited to): Mandatory Visit of your Shop, Blog Following, Hearts, Blogging about the Giveaway, Sharing Giveaway on Facebook, Tweeting about Giveaway, and Purchasing from the Shop!
All Winners will be selected through (unless you choose otherwise).
Any other entry requirements are welcome!

If you would like BedBuggs to Host your Giveaway Please Contact me (Krista) via this email:

And Please include:

Your Name: (First)
Your Shop Address:
Item Giving Away:
Your Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Etc Addresses to include in Promotion.
Any Personal Requests about the Giveaway.
Any Questions:

Please Keep in Mind:

  • Giveaways are Scheduled on an First Serve Basis, serious inquiries only please!
  • Every Giveaway is different, and they all generate different results. I promote every Giveaway Equally and as much as possible.
  • Pick one of your Best Items....Giveaways are always more effective with your highest viewed/ hearted or repeatedly sold items.  Please don't Giveaway an Item that you just want to get rid of, as these generate the lowest results.
  • If you are serious about your Giveaway...please help spread the word too! It is a lot of work to promote your Giveaway and your shop, and every little bit of help...helps. 
  • I will do my absolute Best to Promote your Giveaway, but please respect and be patient me, and understand that EVERY GIVEAWAY GENERATES DIFFERENT RESULTS, and I cannot guarantee results. I reserve the right to cancel or pull Any Giveaway Item, for any reason! I will not tolerate any harassment!
  • Once you agree to the Giveaway and the Giveaway has been posted...your are obligated to complete the Giveaway.


My First Treasury! "Autumn Morning"