Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Bows!

So with Spring just around the corner (I hope) I've decided to start making Spring/Easter Bows. The set above is a Satin Aqua or Turquoise Bow Clip Set. They are perfect for Weddings, Church, Easter or just Dressing Up.
While I was shipping this set of Bows, I realised that I never posted a picture of how our Bows are gift wrapped. They also include care instructions.

Hot Pink Polka Dot Bow and Headband Bow Set. They really are this bright. Every time my little girl wears her set, she gets oodles of compliments. These are definitely one of my favorites.
White Satin Ribbon with Lavender and Purple Polka Dot Flower. So Cute, pictures just don't do this one justice (plus the satin is soooo hard to photograph just right.)
This White Satin Bow Headband is perfect for Christenings, Baby Blessings, or Easter. It is very Elegant and is the perfect touch for any occasion.
-More Spring Bows Coming Soon!

Friday, February 19, 2010

NEW Black and Pink Polka Dot Flower Clips With FREE Headbands!!!

These Polka Dot Flower Clips are only available for a limited time (as supplies are very limited.) Also for a limited time I am offering a FREE Nylon Headband with each of the Polka Dot Flower Clips.

-This Clip is a large black Fabric Flower (4 inches in diameter). With Pink and Black Polka Dot Flower and small Black Flower and Silver Rhinestone in the center. All on a no-slip alligator clip, that can be easily clipped onto headband or in hair.
This shows the partially covered alligator clip. I only cover part of the clip in order to create the no-slip grip, yet still easily slide into your girl's hair.

Shown here with the FREE nylon Headband. This Flower comes with a Black Nylon Headband.
Black and White Polka Dot Large Clip. Also measures 4 inches in diameter. Also comes a FREE Nylon Headband, but YOU PICK between a White or Black Nylon Headband.
Pictured with white Headband. Nylon Headbands Fit any size from Newborn through Adult.
-If the headbands get stretched out just simply get them wet and allow them to air dry.
-Headbands measure 2 inches in width.
Pink Polka Dot, Black and Black and White Polka Dot Flower Clip. Also measures 4 inches in diameter. This clip also comes with a FREE Nylon Headband, YOU PICK between a Black or White Nylon Headband.
Pictured with Black Nylon Headband.
Pictured with White Nylon Headband.
-These sets will come gift wrapped, and include care instructions.
-The Flowers may be spot washed with a lightly dampened cloth, but I don't recommend allowing the flowers to get wet.
-All BedBugg Items are made in a smoke free pet free environment.-
---CAUTION---Never leave baby unattended with ANY hair accessories, as they include small parts.
-I'd LOVE to hear what you think. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions.
-If you would like to contact BedBuggs Boutique for a custom order you can contact me through my etsy shop or email me at
-If you want to purchase any BedBugg Items please visit my shop

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BedBugg Bows and Headbands

I'll admit I've been making Baby Headbands and bows ever since my sweet little girl was born. Ever since then these bows have been great shower baby shower gifts. I always have people asking me where I got them, because its so hard to find bows that look like...well bows. So here are some of my latest creations. Pink and Brown and Polka Dots have always been my favorite. So here's a set including a Headband Bow and two matching clip bows. I'm selling them for a steal of a deal.
This pic shows the clip. A lot of clip makers like to cover the whole alligator clip with ribbon, but I have found that that just makes it harder to get into your little girls hair so I like to partially cover the clip so that it can get in and out easy, yet still have the no-slip grip.

Here's the same super cute set in Green. Love it!
This Headband is a BedBugg Shop Favorite. It really is this Bright. And i kid you not when I say that it's a head turner. Every time I take my little girl out, she gets tons more looks and compliments. This ribbon is next to impossible to find, I've been looking for more so I can make a set of it. When this one goes, I don't know what I'll do.
Same Headband, just a lighter pink. Still very cute especially on a newborn.
Don't you just love Black and Pink? This Headband speaks for itself.
Black Satin Bow, this one is really tricky to make, as it is satin, and it's so hard to just hold on to, let a lone tie in a knot. But this bow is perfect for that special occasion. I'll be making a white one shortly (once I muster up the patients for it.)
Perfect for Easter or just spring. I should say that these bows are all about 3 1/2 inches wide, so they are pretty big (especially on baby's head). But again if you like something similar but smaller (or ever bigger) just let me know. I love making these bows.
Pink and Brown Ribbon Headband. This one's a bugger to make too, just because there are two ribbons involved. But in the end it's adorable. Pictures just don't do this one justice.
-Coming soon, flower clips.
-Any suggestions or words of advice? I'd love to hear it...thanks for stoppin' in. =)

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Original BedBugg Rice Packs

These are The 100% Original BedBuggs! They are Hot/ Cold Rice Pack Covers (because I am a personal advocate of rice packs,...okay I'm a little obsessed with them.) The one pictured above is obviously a lady bug, hence the name "Lady the BedBugg". She's my shops favorite, she's been a favorite gift and our top seller.
This is "Bitsy the Spider" BedBugg Rice Pack Cover. He's my personal favorite...even though I happen to be terrified of spiders. I like how he's chubby with short legs. He's definitely much cuter than your average spider.
And "Bizzee the Bumble Bee" BedBugg Rice Pack Cover. Another family favorite.
This is "Scarab the Beetle" BedBugg Cover. I never intended for him to look Egyptian, he just did, hence the name Scarab.
And last but not least "Swat the Fly" BedBugg Rice Pack Cover. He's my little brother's favorite. I guess he really looks like a fly that just got swatted.
Here's a picture of the actual rice pack. It is sewn into three compartment so that the rice doesn't all slide into one side. As you can see in the picture the BedBugg Covers work just like a pillow sham.
-The idea is to remove the rice pack from the cover so that the BedBugg doesn't get dirty in the microwave or freezer (although for freezing I do recommend that you put it in a freezer bag.)
-The fabric is 100% cotton so that they are microwavable.
-The BedBugg Covers are made out of flannel (also 100% cotton). Flannel is the perfect fabric because it helps keep the rice pack warmer or cooler longer.
-I recommend microwaving the rice pack anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes depending on your preference and microwave.
-To freeze, put the rice pack in a freezer bag and freeze for anywhere between 1 hour up to 24 hours.
-If your BedBugg gets dirty no problem, just spot wash the BedBugg Cover with a wet rag. And you can spot wash the rice pack with a very slightly damp rag too (but try not to get the rice pack too wet as it may damage the rice.)
-So what do you think? Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for me?
-If you would like to make a purchase of any of my products please visit my shop at :

Introducing.....BedBugg Bags!!!

These are my BedBugg Bags!!! What do you think of 'em?

-So far I have only made a "Lady the ladybug" Bag and a "Bizzee the bumble bee" Bag. My first two were Birthday Presents for my 3 year old daughter and 3 year old niece. I'm happy to report that they were a hit!

-These BedBugg Bags are 10" in diameter, and they can fit quite a bit in them.

-My daughter uses her's for dance. She can fit her tap and ballet shoes in it easily.

-Here's a view of "Lady" from the front side, so you can see the zipper. It ended up looking like the BedBugg's mouth.

-Here's "Bizzee" I think that he's my personal favorite BedBugg Bag.

-Well, tell me what you think!

-Do you like 'em, love 'em?

-Do you think I should try my other BedBuggs as Bags?

-Let me know, I'm more than open to your opinions and suggestions.

My First Treasury! "Autumn Morning"