Monday, May 31, 2010

Featured Seller: Fibrous!!!

If you are looking for a very unique and original Shop Fibrous is the place for you! Check out this awesome shop!
Once I saw this cute little Hedge Hog, it was all the push I needed to learn more about this unique Etsy Seller!
~Say Hello to Fibrous!
"My fibrous leanings began when I was ten when my great-aunt taught me how to crochet circles. 20 years later I not only can crochet more than just little circles, but I’ve added knitting, wet felting and needle felting to my fibrous pursuits.
~My idea to start an etsy shop came about recently, after my mother requested that I make her a hedgehog after seeing one that I had knitted on my blog. I ended up needle felting one for her. It was so adorable that I decided to make more, and those were the first things I posted on my etsy shop. I love the medium of wool, and my shop contains my creations."
~Thanks for sharing Fibrous! You're truly talented!
Here's some more works by Fibrous!
Felted Morning Glory Brooch Pin!
Bird's Nest Necklace!
~You just have to stop by Fibrous's Shop and see everything! Here's the link again!
~Thanks Again for Sharing all your talent with us!
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Featured Seller: Deborah Julian!!!

I'm pretty excited to introduce today's feature just because as you can see she's clearly very talented!
Say Hello to Deborah Julian and her awesome Shop
After taking just one look at her shop, I've been glued! I can't wait to see what she'll come up with next!
~Let find out a little bit more about this Artist!
"I am a photographer, living in New York City with my husband and cats. Art and photography were my primary passions for many years—until my heart was captured by a smart, funny cat named George. It was love at first sight the moment we saw each other at the Humane Society of New York.
~My husband Dave and I have since adopted two other terrific cats named Billy and Sammy. These three boys have found their way into my art. Not only are they my favorite subjects-they also help me create my images, frequently sitting at the computer with me as I work on my pictures in Photoshop. Sammy, particularly, likes to walk across the keyboard while I am working, adding his own creative touches to my images. Where would I be without cats?"
~Thanks for sharing a little about yourself Deborah!~
I loved this one, so cute! Deborah's shop is a great place to find any art for a cat lover in your life!
Don't you just love clouds? I know I do....and here's yet another awesome piece from Deborah's Shop!
~Thanks Again for Sharing Deborah! Here's the link to her shop's definitely a shop worth looking at!
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today's Featured Seller: Southern05Belle!!!

Every Etsy Shop is in need of a high quality banners, avatars buttons and more...why not yours? Check Out today's featured Shop: Southern05Belle
I just had to learn more about this talented Seller, and here's what Kim shared with us:
~"My name is Kim, but online I go by Southern Belle. I am 22 years old, married, and almost done with college. I have 3 Etsy shops, but the main one I focus on is Banner-Mart
~It all started when I start messing with HTML coding. I have been messing around with HTML for years. I love to get a layout code and mess with the coding. Add coding to it, take coding off. It helps me learn more about HTML since I am self taught.
~I decided about 3 years ago to leave layouts behind for now and focus on something even funner, banners. I love creating banners and avatars. I love being digitally creative. I do not like to think of my self as a pro, but as someone who is learning more and more how to be digitally creative.
~There is just so much to learn with the programs I use, that by learning one new thing can improve your work. With that in mind, I do not use PhotoShop. Instead I use GIMP. Although, I will have to use PhotoShop when I start working on my Graphic Design degree."

~Thanks for sharing a little about yourself Kim....she's really good for teaching herself!!!! But let's let some samples do the talking...
Here's some seasonal Premade Banners that are in her shop!
And here are some custom Icons! Soooo many to choose from!
And don't forget her cute Holiday Banners. You've just got to stop in her shop and see everything that she's got!
~But wait....don't forget to visit these too!
~Thanks Again Kim!!!
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Featured Seller: Mouse Pants!!!

Check Out this Super Cute Shop that I've discovered on Etsy.....Mouse Pants! It's a cute shop loaded with felted friends, artsy, animals and whimsies....
I just had to find out more about the shop Seller and what inspires them. So here's a little more on Mouse Pants:
"I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico with a miniature Schnauzer, a Boston terrier, and two cats.
~I taught myself to needle felt in 2007 and have been hooked ever since. My pieces are each little characters with a name and a story, not just a blank doll or animal. I have a continuous line of hopefuls waiting in my head to be felted out and brought to life.
~One of my favorite tasks is working on custom orders to make someone else’s dream creature a reality.
~It is really rewarding to make a replica of a lost pet or a miniature of a treasured childhood toy that I know will really bring someone deep joy.
~For the past two years I have had increasing health problems which has led to severe limitations to the work I can do with my hands. I have so many ideas and I never know if I will be able to felt all day or not at all. It is very frustrating but also makes creating even more rewarding because each piece is such a labor of love to finish. I hope to someday be able to do what I am passionate about for a living and spread the spark of imagination and joy that making art brings me to others."
Inspirations: Tim Burton, Walt Disney, Japanese Kokeshi, Jim Henson, Brian Froud
Aren't they so cute? You can literally see the love that is put into each character!
You just have to go to Mouse Pant's Shop to see them all , it's loaded with more creativity than I can even start to spotlight here. Here's the link again!
~Thanks so much for sharing your super cute shop with us MousePants!
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Featured Seller: Treacher Creatures!!!

Here's another great Find from Etsy: Treacher Creatures by Dawn!!!
I meant to put this super cute shop up last night, but I had the hardest time trying to decide which items to spotlight....seriously her shop is just loaded with the cutest have to check it out:
~Dawn's only had this cute shop up for about a month, but she's got quite the cute collection.
Dawn shared this lil tidbit about herself so we can get to know her a little better:
"I first discovered making creatures from socks about a year ago when a friend recommended a book to me, "Stray Sock Sewing". I tried some of the designs and became instantly hooked.
~Since then I have been designing my own creatures and to date have made over 150 designs. Having had success selling my creatures at school fairs I decided to have a go at selling them on line. I am still relatively new. My shop has only been open 3 weeks. I sew a creature most nights and am always thinking of new designs.
~I am addicted to buying socks, I love all the colours and patterns and when I see a lovely pair of socks I can imagine what I could make from it. There is just something magic about turning a simple pair of socks into a creature with a personality all of its own."
~Thanks so much for sharing with us Dawn!....I love her sock obsession (I'd be obsessed too if I had a creative knack like this with socks!) So Cute!
I love this cute!
And I couldn't resist the chicken!
~Dawn is just way too talented! These little guys would all make great gifts for just about anybody!
~You guys really have to visit her shop to see everything (WARNING YOU'LL BE HOOKED).
~If you want to contact Dawn about her cute creations here's her email:
~Thanks Again for Sharing Dawn!~
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All Good Things Must Come to an End! $2 Sale Ends June 12th!

Yes its sad but true.....all good things come to an end. Just like the $2 Clearance Sale on these Large Gerber Daisy Hair Clips! Sale Ends on June 12th....Hurry while supplies last.
~You won't find flowers like these anywhere! They are over 4" in diameter, and they look perfect for any up-do, and they are a must have for Spring/Summer accessories.
These are just some of the colors that I've got left, but I'm telling ya they don't stay for long!
See Shop for all available colors!
~Do you have a Sale or Special going on in your shop? Please leave a comment and Share yours!
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Today's Featured Seller: My Cute Idea!!!

I have yet another great Etsy Shop to Feature! I know this Seller personally, and she's as sweet as all her beautiful creations!
~Say Hello to Becky and her super cute shop My Cute Idea!
~Becky Shared this tidbit about herself with us:
"I am a stay-at-home mom of one adorable little two year old. I love chasing her around, but when she is sleeping I take time for myself and just sew to my heart's content!
~Both of my Grandma's sewed for a living so this is my way of remembering them! I love making quilts, browsing all the different kinds of fabrics at the stores, and coming up with my own patterns.
~One of my own patterns is the Pocket Rice Bag. It is basically your standard rice bag with a few more benefits. There are 4 little rice bags that fit into the pockets of the bag. You can use all 4 or only one at a time, depending on where and what kind therapy you need. Microwave for for 2 minutes on high for heating and freeze overnight for cooling."
~Here's just a sample of some of Becky's cute stuff...
Don't you just love this quilt? I know I do! I own two of these quilts, Becky gave each of my babies one, and let me tell you that I swear by them! I will be buying one for every baby I have! She's got quite the selection of Baby Quilts in her cute shop.
Here's another cute quilt of hers. I love these quilts and my kids use them everyday and night. They are nice and cozy, but not to heavy! Perfect Baby Shower Gift....I highly recommend them!;)
Here's just one sample of Becky's super cute rice bags. She's got a great variety of these too! Go on over and check out her cute little shop....I'm sure you could come up with great gift for just about anyone!
But Wait!!! Check out her cute blog too:
~Thanks so much Becky for letting share your adorable shop!!!
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Featured Seller: Daizee Dots!!!

So here's a little more about Daizee Dots! I just bumped into this Super Cute Shop on Etsy Yesterday and I had to learn more about the Creator and share my discovery with you!

~Here's a Little Background:
" I am happily married to my best friend, and a mother to a sweet little boy! Life is wonderful doing my two favorite things...being a stay at home mom, and creating! I have always loved being crafty. Scrap-booking, stitching, name it, I love it!
~Originally, I made onesies as gifts for friends and family at baby showers. I wanted to give items that had a more personal touch and were both cute and different. I had so much positive feedback that I decided to expand my horizons. And here I am! I love making new designs and hope to continue expanding wherever it may take me!! :)."

~Yay for yet another Super Creative Stay-at-home-mom! Thanks for sharing!
Here's some more of her cute, cute creations. Gotta love this one....especially if you are animal lover!
This is another personal favorite of mine, just because my lil guy needs to wear this onesie just about everyday! Love the picture too....can you say perfect?
~Check Out Daizee Dots Shop to see more of her super cute stuff:
~And don't forget about her super cute giveaway posted below!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Check Out this Super Cute Giveaway from Daizee Dots!!!

Don't you just LOVE this cute Onesie! I know I do! Both of these Onesies are part of a Giveaway that Daizee Dots is doing on her blog: Go to her blog to enter! And don't forget to check out her adorable shop too: It's just loaded with adorable stuff!

Don't forget her super cute Girl Item too! I just found Daizee Dot's Shop and Blog today and I wanted to share it with all my Friends and Followers.
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Newest Item!!! LadyBug Pillow!!!

Say Hello to this Lil Lady!!!! "Lady" The LadyBug Pillow. She's the latest addition to the BedBuggs Pillow Collection.
~Lady Just loves to be hugged and squeezed! She's guaranteed to be your child's best friend!!!
Lady is 10" in diameter, and 2" thick!
~Her body is made from soft 100% Cotton Black Flannel. Her wings are made from High Quality Red Felt with Black Spots!
How can you say "no" to this sweetie pie?
These Pillows are the Perfect Gift for any Child or Adult! Both Girls and Boys.
~All BedBugg Pillows are sure to put a smile on any one's face!~
~See Shop for more BedBuggs Pillows~
~Coming Soon~ Bitsy The Spider Pillow!!!
Come on in and See my Shop:
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Featured Seller! Creating with Ni

Check out these Super Cute Flip Flops!!!!! Don't you just love them??? I know I do!
I loved them so much that I bought these super cute pink ones for my 3 year old lil' girl. And she loves them so much she won't take them off!!!

~Where'd I get these???
I found them on Etsy of Course!!! Check out this super cute shop Creating with Ni.....

~Once I got them I just had to learn more about this Seller.....

~Ni shared this little bit about herself.....
"I am a happily married , Stay At Home Mom of 3 boys and lover of all crafts (A Jill of all trades) , I think my middle name is Creating :) Each day I try to envision some new detail or put together some stitches I have never done before, for a new look. I can`t wait to see what tomorrow will bring . Today its my cute Flip Flops!"

~Hooray for Stay at Home Moms!

~Here's some more of her cute flip flops....I know I'm headed back for more shortly!
This isn't all Ni has a shop that is loaded with more flip flops for boys too, and she welcomes Custom Orders.
~Ni also has cute jewelry, hair clips headbands and more! Go on over and check her shop out....cause your missing out!
Here's here shop link again:
~Thanks for sharing a little about yourself Ni! Love your work!=)
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Photographer and Dance Class Tutu Special

BedBuggs is offering all Photographers and Dance Classes a Tutu Special!
~Buy Two Tutus and Get a Third Tutu 1/2 Price.
~Or Buy Four Tutus and Get your Fifth Tutu FREE!!!!
Please Contact Me if you are interested! More Discounts for larger Orders are available.
Here's our latest Tutu addition, Turquoise!
~This sweet lil' Tutu can be made in any size Newborn through 6T. It is made with well over 100 Yards of Tulle, for the Ultimate Fluff. I literally put as much tulle on as will possibly fit on the elastic wait band! Why??? Because the fluffier and fuller the better!
~Tutus can be made in just about any color under the sun and any color combo!
~All BedBuggs Tutus come with a FREE Matching Hair Clip!
Every Little Princess needs her very own custom Tutu! Check out my shop to see more!

Thanks for stopping by BedBuggs Boutique!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Wanna FREE Hooter the Owl Pillow???

It's no Secret that Hooter the Owl Pillow is one of my top sellers....but how about getting one for FREE???
Well now you can! Just head on over to this blog to learn more about this FREE Giveaway
Also giving away some Tiny Stick On Baby Bows for FREE too!
Hurry Winners are picked May 23rd!
This is a One Time offer!

NEW Pink Rose on Black and White Polka Dot Pillow

Here's the latest addition to the BedBuggs Pillow Collection!
A 3D Baby Pink Rose on a Black with White Polka Dots Pillow.
Can be made in any color and with almost any fabric. Rose pictured is made of felt, but can be made of fleece or velvet (of course price varies with fabric selections.)
This cute pillow is stuffed to the max with poly fil, no one likes a flat pillow.
~Picture shows the dimension of the rose. Rose is about 9" in diameter and about 2" Thick!
Perfect touch for a Baby Girl's Room, Girl's, Preteen's, Teen's room or where ever you please.
~Great Gift for that hard to please person in your life!
~Like this Pillow but want different colors......just ask! I'm more than happy to make you a custom order!
To Order or see all the items in my shop please visit my shop:
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

BedBuggs is Having a Clearance Sale!!! Daisy Flower Clips only $2!!!

BedBuggs is having a Gerber Daisy Hair Clip Clearance sale...only $2 a piece....for a 4" flower clip!
My kids are growing so fast I need to clear my shop out so I can get some shoes and clothes.
Several Colors and Styles Available! Check Out my shop to see more!
Thanks for Stopping In!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pink, Brown and Cream Felt Rose Hair Clip

Here's my latest....Neapolitan Trio Hair Clip...with Pink, Brown and Cream Felt Roses all on a barrette, or alligator clip!
This Beautiful lil' number is about 4" Wide, 3" Tall and 2 1/2" Thick (Deep)!
~More Colors coming shortly!~
Or Customize your own, just contact me!
Perfect for all ages, weddings and much more!
~This is part of a set that will be used for Flower Girls in a friend's Wedding.~
Wanna order or see more?
Or contact me by leaving a comment!
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