Thursday, September 30, 2010

And The Winner Is..........

.........Heather R!!!!!

You're the Lucky Winner of These Great Black Pearl Earrings from SeaBABE!!!
(I will contact you shortly!)

Thanks to all who participated especially Kristin from SeaBABE!!!
Here's her shop link again so go and visit:

Have a Great Day!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Featured Seller and Giveaway: SeaBABE!!!

Today's Featured Seller is an Awesome say the of Etsy's Best Kept Secrets! Say Aloha to SeaBABE!!!
Isn't this necklace just stunning? I certainly think it is...just like everything else in this great shop!
Let's learn a little more about this great Etsy Seller:
~"My name is Kristin and I started working on my company, Sea Babe, about 2 years ago. My designs are beach inspired and I also strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. I use quality materials in a beautifully simplistic style. My designs look great with a large variety of styles and age groups. I have lived on the North Shore of Oahu for the past 5 years and opened my Etsy shop in June, 2009. Since then, Sea Babe has grown and will now be expanding into several boutiques.
~"I love participating in our local Farmers and Craft markets here on the island. Getting to meet customers face to face is really rewarding and the feedback they provide is priceless! I just got home from a 6 week adventure in California, Arizona, and Nevada, on which David, my boyfriend and partner and I sold at 5 different markets in Sedona, AZ, Berkeley, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Grass Valley, CA, and Huntington Beach, CA. What a great trip! Plus, we got to see how other customers responded to Sea Babe! Currently, I am motivated to expand Sea Babe and see where it can take me!
~"You can find Sea Babe jewelry in either of mine and David's Etsy shops:
~"You can also follow me on Facebook by searching for the page, "Sea Babe" or "Kristin Mulholland".

Thanks so much for sharing with us Kristin, we all can tell that you will go far!

But Wait!!! These fabulous Black Pearl Earrings Could be yours!!!! Yep, you heard me right...uh...okay read this right! Here's how you can enter to Win this Great Giveaway from SeaBABE!!!

How To Enter...
(Please Leave an individual comment/ links & email address for each!!!)
Winner will be Selected at Random.Org
Giveaway Ends September 30th at Midnight (MST)!!!
  • Follow my Blog = 1 Entry
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  • Mandatory Entry ~Visit and Heart SeaBABE's Shop= 2 Entries
  • Share Giveaway on Facebook = 3 Entries
    Tweet About this Giveaway = 3 Entries
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  • Buy Something from SeaBABE's Shop=6 Entries

    Thanks For Entering.....and a Big Thank You to....Kristin!!!
    Best of Luck!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Featured Seller: I Heart Paper!!!

Today's Featured Seller is one that I have marked as a Favorite and will be headed too for my kid's Birthday parties, and the Holidays for suresies!!! This Shop is adorable! It's just loaded with cute party favors!!! Say Hello to I Heart Paper!
Isn't this Frankenstein so cute??? I just love Halloween, and I'm thinking this guy would be perfect for a Halloween Party! I realized that I featured all Halloween items, but you have to visit her shop to see all the variety! SERIOUSLY!!! the soap box! Let's learn a little about this great Seller:
~"My name is Tricia Green. I started my love of crafting when I was little and I would watch my mom create things. My parents used to own a coffee shop and would sell crafts from local artists. I loved this idea.
~"Last year I had major surgery and had a lot of free time before I was able to do much. I spent every waking hour sewing ancient patterns I had bought on ebay. I made clown after clown after clown until I had an entire glass display case full of them. I was so inspired from how fun it was to pick out bright coloured fabric and cut some yarn and behold a beautiful accomplishment would sit there on the shelf smiling at me forever.
~'I had run out of space for my clowns and started making my own Christmas cards, and tags. I got engaged in February and had decided I was going for a home made wedding as I could hardly sleep at night with all my ideas spinning in my head. I designed our wedding invitations out of bright coloured card stock and lace and my sewing machine. They were so unique I kept one and had it framed for my wall. In my midst of creating for the wedding there were many items I also bought on Etsy for gifts and to embellish my crafts.

~"I saw a beautiful bouquet of pinwheels on Etsy and I decided that was it I had to have them. However I needed a ridiculously large amount. Unfortunately I am the person where if I can make it for less I will. I made 200 pinwheels in one evening for my wedding and I LOVED them. I discovered I liked working with paper. Bright coloured card stock and my computer is all I need to keep my happy.
~"I listed my pinwheels online in my horrible start to an Etsy shop, and started selling right away. I was thrilled! Every day I discovered a new item that I loved to make and added it to my shop. I spend a lot of money in the beginning but I made it back within 8 weeks. June and August have been my best months yet! I am thrilled to be here and that people are just as excited about my items as I am. Its an amazing feeling to know someone on the other side of the world has my Cupcake wrappers delicately displayed on her fancy cupcake stand at their wedding. Even when I am tired and have 10 orders to complete and no social life I a determined as ever!'

~Thanks for Sharing with us Tricia! Love your shop!!! Here's the link again so you can drop in and visit:

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~Have a Great Thursday!!!~

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Featured Seller: Emarie Creations!!!

Today's Featured seller is a fun little shop that my little girl can't stop talking about, she keeps pointing to everything in it and wants everything. It's beyond cute! Say Hello to Emariecreations!
Okay I have to admit that I love pumpkin pie and these cuties made my stomach rumble! They really look good enough to eat! Just like several items in this adorable shop! ;)
I'm done....let's learn a little about this great seller:
~" Hi! My name is Samantha and I am the main creator and owner of Emariecreations.
My creative passion is polymer clay and fabric, and you will find a wide variety of items in my shop that are inspired by these two mediums.
~"Each piece is made with the up most care and quality, and I love taking time to make that perfect item.

~"My current "obsession" is making unique and one-of-a-kind pushpins, which range from my best selling donuts, to fruit, to picnic foods!
Nearly everyone uses pushpins, and in the process, why not have something that will make you smile every time you use it?

~"When creating, I try to make things that are out of the ordinary and different from what you might typically see. Instead of doing your normal icing and sprinkles donuts, I dress mine up with swirls, bright colors, and flowers!
~"I find joy in creating my items, and it makes me very happy to see others enjoying my little creations!
Please stop by my shop and say "hi"! I'd love to have you visit."

I'd love for you to take a look at my blog,, where I feature other Etsy sellers, amazing handmade items, and giveaways!

~Thanks so much for sharing with us Samantha! Now I'm off to check out your blog!

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~Have a Great Day!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Featured Seller: Pink Diamond Design!!!

Today's Shop is the Super Cute shop you've been searching for! If you love bright, cute and unique jewelry...this is your one shop stop! Say Hello to Pink Diamond Design!
Okay...these birdie earrings are beyond adorable...and they are calling my name...but of course half this shop is calling my name. I had a hard time trying to limit my spotlights down to three....wish I could post the whole shop. my soap box! Let's learn more about this great seller:
~"Hi! My name is Golnaz (which translates into “cute flower” in Persian). I’m a computer studies grad and currently live with my family here in Toronto. Ever since I was a young girl I loved being creative. I made houses, clothing and cute accessories for my Barbie dolls daily however it wasn’t until this year at the age of 27 in my grown up life that I started to actively pursue my passion for creativity again.
~"One weekend in Dec 2009 I was walking through a local craft store and ended up in the jewellery and beads section. I immediately fell in love! I think I spend 2 hours just looking at all the beautiful gems and jewels. Early Jan 2010 I was sitting in my office in the bank with nothing much to do, out of nowhere I started remembering my trip to the craft store. At that moment as if a spark went up in my head I started searching online for different jewellery and craft stores. Few days later I went and bought a whole bunch of supplies and beads and could not stop playing around with them. I had found my creative outlet!

~"I spend quite a lot of time doing research on making and selling jewellery. Within a couple of months I had made my personal website showcasing my earliest creations.
As I was doing research I came across the name Etsy. After seeing the name pop up on several different occasions I became curious and towards the end of May 2010 I created my Etsy account and by mid June I added my first few items to my store.

~"There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t visit Etsy, if not for tweaking my shop, I go to look at all the beautiful handmade work everyone shares on there. I’m so grateful and happy that I found a place where I get to meet others with a love for creativity.
~"I get inspired by everything but mainly by nature and all its beautiful colors. You will notice my love for color when you visit my shop! If you would like to see more of my work please see the links below. I would love to see you there! "

Personal website:
Etsy shop:
Facebook: Type pinkdiamonddesign in search box

~Thanks so much for sharing with us Golnaz!!!! LOVE YOUR WORK!!!
Now off we all go to just enjoy....and don't be shy...go ahead and buy! ;)

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Featured Seller: Photo Deli!!!

Today's featured seller is another great photographer! Say Hello to Photo Deli! I am a sucker for waterfalls...they call me! I just love nature and if you love nature you will love the unique photos in this great shop!
Let's learn a little more about this great photographer!
~"In my later years of high school I was rarely seen without a camera in my hands. I have always been fascinated by many aspects of the world around me. My first camera was a fully manual Nikon F-10 which not only caused many bad photos but also gave me a greater understanding of how different camera settings affect the resulting photo.
~"While large vast landscapes are beautiful in their own right, I still find myself fascinated by the small world of everyday objects that are often overlooked.
~"While high school hallways are many years in my past I still travel with a camera everywhere I go looking for that golden opportunity to capture the art of the everyday world. I decided to open an Etsy shop to share some of my favorite captured moments."

R. Bartsch


Twitter: I don’t really tweet but this is where we are

~Thanks so much for sharing you shop and wonderful talent! Now off you go to check out all the other great photos Photo Deli has to offer:

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Featured Seller: Moon Beams and Star Dust!!!

Today's featured seller is a great find! If you are looking for's the place for you! Say Hello to Moon Beams and Star Dust!'s about that time of year again....HALLOWEEN!!!! I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! So needless to say I love these earrings too! So fun! Let's hear a little about the seller and this great shop!
~"My name is Sarah, and I’m what you would probably call a “Jane-of-all-trades”. I’m a freelance floral designer, an Etsy seller, and a full-time student, studying Early Childhood Development.
~"I’ve had a love affair with crafting that started when I was 3 years old. That was 19 years ago, and I haven’t stopped since! I was born and raised in a small country town in Virginia, instilling within me a deep love for nature and history. If you take a look at the jewelry and accessories I make, I think that you will realize just how evident those things are. I find so much inspiration from gardens, flowers, and anything to do with the past.
~"In January 2010, I began selling on Etsy as a way to generate extra income, while supporting my addiction for crafting at the same time. I have come to love the Etsy community dearly, and take great pleasure in creating and sharing unique accessories that others can enjoy."

If you would like to know more about what I do:





~Thanks for sharing with us! I love her work and I know you will too! Here's her shop's link again:

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Thanks Again and Have a Great Weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Featured Seller: Chelserinibeani!!!

If you love unique jewelry like I do! Then you will LOVE today's featured seller! Say Hello to Chelserinibeani!
These Earrings are beyond stunning...quite the statement pieces if you ask me! Let's learn a little about this great seller!
~"Hello!! My name is Chelsea Eby. The name for my shop came from a silly nickname my mother gave me as a child pronounced (chel-sur-reeney-beani)
I am born and raised from Indiana, which isn't really the most exciting place in the world (unless you love Nascar or football) but its "homey" and I like that. Oh, and there is a little bit more than just corn fields I promise!
My parents are both creative masters and have encouraged me throughout my life. My dad used to play a game with my sister and I while at restaurants where we had to make pictures from abstract lines he drew. I loved this game, and became very good at it. I truly believe that this game helped me exercise my creative genius and push myself to see art from anything!

~"I took a jewelry class in high school which started my love for it!! I realized that stores never had the cool earrings I was picturing in my head, so i thought I would just try making it myself. It wasn't until recently however (even after having an etsy shop for quite some time) did I decide to try selling some of my things!

~"My typical process for making jewelry is as follows:
-Lay out everything I own-beads, wire etc in front of me
-stare at it for an indefinite amount of time
-stop multiple times to play with/keep my 2 year old daughter entertained
-layout different ideas, experiment with cheap wire, scribble on envelopes of bills i need to pay
-Cry out in frustration, followed by emotional eating..
-have an amazing idea while doing something else like folding clothes, cleaning the toilet etc
- Put the piece together and vainly admire it on myself in the mirror, and sometimes multiple mirrors in my house.
-Finally I spend at least a day convincing myself that I will never be successful if I keep everything I make, and promise to recreate it for myself later
~"I try my best to create something you don't typically find other places, yet keep my prices affordable!! I am inspired by nature and its natural beauty and pallet of colors!! Making jewelry can be very frustrating when you are working and trying to raise a little girl who doesn't understand that you have work to do sometimes, so I try to read as many "quit your day job" stories to keep me believing its possible. I also know how much the Lord has done in my life and that he knows the desires of my heart before I have to even speak them and that is comforting!!
I hope you get the chance to check me out! I don't have a whole lot of my things posted yet ( having a busy toddler and working part time has made it a little more difficult than i thought!) but Im hoping to be able to add more and more over the next couple weeks!!"

~"Add me on facebook when you get a chance!! just search Chelsea Eby. I also have a fb page under "chelserinibeani" : )."

~Thanks so much for sharing with us Chelsea! Love your work...I just know that you are going to go far!
Here's her shop link again so you can check it out:

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