Monday, August 30, 2010

Featured Seller: Boardwinos!!!

If you love board games and unique items then you will fall head over heels for this shop! Say Hello to Boardwinos!!!
So this awesome piece of work is a cork board...I love this piece, it's so cool I'd be afraid to use it! This shop is packed with goodies I wish I could have just featured the whole shop!
Let's learn more about this great seller!
~"About me: My full name is Guenevere Van Der Aa Keeffe. I have books and spent my spare time reading. I have a fascination with costume dramas and I at least make an attempt to be eco-friendly all the time. I have an odd, twisted sense of humor and I named my shop Board Winos because it was a nice play on words and I felt it conveyed to people my quirkiness.

~"My Shop: The idea for my shop happened while making my own inspiration board. I thought they would be great to sell on Etsy, they're re-purposed and they are useful. I knew I needed to offer more then just any thrown together cork board and after some brainstorming I figured I could make mine cork boards stand out by making each on visually interesting.

~"Motivation: One thing that motivates me is that I'm offering something slightly eco-friendly. Also, I like making something that someone can hang up and it's more a reflection on who they are and not some cookie cutter board from the store.

~"Inspiration: I really like things balanced and so I really am inspired by geometric shapes. Another thing I love is how by just changing the direction the corks flow I can play tricks on the eye. I also really let the frames I'm using inspire the way I decide to do the corks. With my 60's Diner Style board the color really made me thing black and white tiled floors and milk shakes.
~"The process: I spend every weekend at estate sales and at the beginning of the week I head to the thrift stores. Corks I usually have to buy off the internet but I do have some friends who work at nice restaurants. I buy large sheets of wood so that I cut backings for my frames (I'm still not great at cutting a straight line and that's never good because I often cut it too small). I then cut up the corks I'm going to use. Note of warning to some people: corks are wood and will dull any knife you use so don't use your own/parents expensive knives. I had to invest in a knife sharpener because if my knife isn't sharp it won't cut those nice crisp edges my cork boards have. Then I glue them down using a hot glue gun (I know not really eco-friendly but I find I can work faster when I don't have to wait a really long time for the glue to dry). I'm still working out details on some things, like I can't do a very good gallery style back yet but I do try and I haven't figured out shipping completely but like they say, everything in it's own time."

Twitter -
Facebook I don't have a fan page but my Etsy shop is attached to my profile -
Myspace -

~Thanks so much for sharing with us Guenevere! LOVE your work...and I can tell you that you will go far!
Here's her shop link, be sure to make time for a visit to just enjoy her work:

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~Happy Monday To All~

Friday, August 27, 2010

Featured Seller: Elisa's Dezignz!!! you're looking for something totally and completely new and different??? I know that I always am! Well then say Hello to Elisa's Dezignz! this vintage style necklace is worth every penny! So Cute!!! And best of all no one else will have it, or anything like it for that matter! Well this whole shop is loaded with fun goodies! And one visit will convert you! Let's learn a little more about this great Etsy Seller:
~"Hi everyone! My name is Elisa and I am the owner of the shop Elisa’s Dezignz (otherwise known as Dazzling Dezigns but that name was already taken)! I am a graphic designer by trade but have been a SAHM for about 5 years now. I am really thankful that I am able to be there every day for my kids but I was getting bored with the daily routine. My son starts Junior Kindergarten and my daughter will be going to preschool three mornings a week so I want to be available for field trips and anything else that might come up so I don’t really want to work out of the house. I also wanted to stay in the graphic design industry but I didn’t want to do freelance work.... again!
~"My jewelry business began when I made a beautiful little Swarovski bracelet for my brand new niece. Then I made a few more pieces for family and friends and it quickly became something I loved to do! I decided to make it a home based business by selling my pieces online and after doing a bit of online research I came across the Etsy website. I absolutely love this website and I am definitely doing all my shopping here from now on!

~"I do want to continue with the graphic design side of things so I also design greeting cards and invitations. Some of them are handmade with paper, glue and embellishments and others are all done digitally on the computer. These will be up in my shop in the very near future so please check back often.

~"Anything beautiful inspires me and keeps me motivated. I lean toward jewelry inspired by nature’s colors and that will go with everything but I do create pieces that compliment a particular color scheme. All of my designs are OOAK unless otherwise stated and there is nothing that I wouldn’t wear or use myself. An example of something that I created more than one of is the Breast Cancer Swarovski Bookmark. I am donating a portion of the proceeds to the CIBC RUN FOR THE CURE which takes place in October.

~"For anyone who purchases anything in my shop and mentions they saw this on the BedBuggs blog I will give free shipping."

Please join my Facebook page to keep up with any updates and member only promotions.

I hope to do business with you soon!

Elisa ~ Elisa’s Dezignz (Dazzling Dezignz)

Thanks so Much for Sharing with us Elisa!!! Love your work!!!
Here's her shop's link again:
Now off you all go to visit and enjoy!

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~Thanks again and have a Fabulous and hopefully busy weekend!!!~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Featured Seller: Unexpected Knock!!!

Today's Featured Seller is another New and Undiscovered shop that deserves a spotlight! Say Hello to Unexpected Knock!!!
This Shop is loaded with lots of Art and Cards, which are goodies that we could all use. Let's learn a little more about the artist behind the scenes.
~"I'm a 26-year old teacher just north of Boston, and I live with my husband and our dog Katie (whose collar is tricked out in my Etsy dog finds) in a little old yellow house that is constantly being scraped, painted, decorated and gardened around. Before I got my teaching degree, I had a double undergrad major in English and Studio art, so there's always been some sort of conceptual fusion of the two in my work. It is rare that a day goes by without me getting my hands on something good to read, and I often get caught up on a word, line, or idea that just must be translated into something visual. My husband and I are big hikers and road trippers, so I sometimes gather up ideas from the woods of New England and the open road as well. I finish the greatest quantity of work when school vacation comes around, but I try to squeeze some in between my stacks of essays to grade when school is in session too.
~"My Unexpected Knock shop just opened recently, and I'm working on creating pieces to fill it up. The title comes from a line from an Emily Dickinson poem, and in fact, everything in the shop has been inspired by the reclusive poetess. The idea came from a young lady who took my English class two years in a row, and was obsessed with Emily Dickinson (I've always liked her too). She would talk to me after class about the latest imagery or words she had encountered in Dickinson's work, and it struck me how visual stunning her phrasing can be. The final bit came when I heard about the NY Botanical Garden opening an Emily Dickinson garden based on specific poems (I still haven't even been there yet!). The shop's not full yet, but I've got a sketchbook full of ideas and some underway.
~"The first shop I opened, As You Like It, also takes its inspiration from literature. This time I borrowed from the Bard. It was the first play of his that I ever taught, and it was to a high risk group of inner city kids. The title "As You Like It" makes me think not only of the bold, strong, and diverse characters in the play, but also the awesome group of kids that engaged with it. Like the play (and my class, for that matter), my shop doesn't just have one thing going on, but I try to bring many different media and products together."

I have a blog:
and a facebook page:

Thanks so much for Sharing with us Stephanie! Great work!!!
Here's the link to her shop again so we can all make a visit:

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Have a Happy Hump Day!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Featured Seller: A la Mode Fashion!!!

Today's Featured Seller is relatively new to Etsy but one look at this cute shop and you will see that they are bound to be a success! Say Hello to a la mode Fashion:
Isn't this headband soooo cute? I'm thinkin' that it is the perfect touch for late summer/ fall. I just love the colors.
Okay, let's learn a little more about this seller:
~"My name is Jacqueline O'Marra and I live in Ontario, Canada. This fall I'll be returning to Toronto for my second year of design school at Ryerson University working towards a Bachelor of Fashion Design. I was born with a bone disorder that makes me very short so I've always had a hard time finding clothing that I liked. From an early age I had to start making clothes to fit my body instead of going out and buying them from a store. That's when my love of creating fashion and accessories really began.
~"During High School I attended an art school where I learned a lot about many different kinds of fine art but I always found that working in 3D was most comfortable for me because of all the time I had spent sewing. The training I got there helped me with the creative side of my designs.
~"I started up my Etsy Shop this year after I received a government grant for students to start their own businesses. I decided on Bags and accessories because I've always been a huge hoarder of bags and I also thought that accessories fit everyone no matter what shape or size you are.
~"I'm motivated by a desire to create. I love making things for people to wear because to me it's greater than art because people use what I make them every day. It makes them feel good about themselves to put on something beautiful and gives them the confidence to say "Here I am world. Notice me"
~"I use a lot of bright, bold colours and patterns in my designs because I want my accessories to be the thing that pulls an outfit together. I want them to be stand out pieces that people can feel good about having on their arm but also functional and versatile enough to hold everything a woman needs for any time of day.
Right now flowers have been a huge inspiration for me so I'm using a lot of floral patterned fabrics and hand twisted fabric roses to decorate my hair accessories and jewelry."

If you want to check out any of my designs find me at:

~Thanks so much for sharing Jacqueline! You've definitely inspired me!

Here's her shop link to enjoy and then spread the news!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just Smile and be Positive!!!

Okay does this scenario sound somewhat familiar?
It's been a long extremely long week. Finances are super tight, your barely paying your bills, your kids need new shoes, wardrobes, diapers and your dying for some fun money just to get out of the house. But you spend hours sitting in front of the computer renewing, promoting and doing any and every obnoxious thing you can think of just to promote your Etsy Shop so you can just make at very least one sale! Because let's face could really use the money.
Sound familiar?
I know that all of us have had days, weeks and months like this, and it gets to the point where you want to pull out your hair and run down the street with your arms waving above your head screaming...."That's it...I'm done with's not worth it." I've exaggerated a little don't run up and down the street but you run to the Etsy Forums to vent with the hopes that people will somehow convince you otherwise.
Ringing Any Bells?
I tend to trip over these kind of posts on Etsy all the time...sellers who are just about to give up, and I'm always the person to rush to their side to lift them up. Here's the advice that I always give them, and this is from my personal experience...and I just want to share it with you:
~You get exactly what you expect out of your shop. If you don't expect to won't.
~If you ignore your shop, buyers will ignore you too.
~If you spend too much time sitting in front of your shop just staring at the number of sales in the hopes that it will just start climbing up before your eyes...(good luck with that, let me know if it works.)
~If you hit this point or anywhere near's time to turn off the computer and go for a walk or clean or do anything not Etsy related. Sales seem to only happen when your not sitting on the site waiting for them. If they happen for you this way....SHARE THE WEALTH!!! j/k
~No sales in a couple days, weeks or months? No problem, retake photos, revamp your shop, create something completely different, switch up tags, or just browse through all the talented shops on Etsy and you're bound to be inspired.
~Set reasonable goals...such as "I want to make 5, 10 or 15 sales this month" Don't kid yourself by setting your goals too high, and don't set too low. Just believe that you will reach it...and somehow you will it just works trust me.~
~Don't go searching trough shops just to see how many sales they've had that will only depress you.
~ In the forums keep in mind that the people that are bragging about 10 sales in one day are either showing off or they have been around a lot longer and want to encourage others that the hard work eventually pays off...look at their example as where you will be in a year or two.
~Don't compare yourself to others, your shop is different and things happen differently for all of us.
~When you are super busy trying to meet all your orders and deadlines, be grateful and remember the slow times. When times are slow...take a nap, read a book and just enjoy.
~The fact is that Etsy (like life) is a Roller-coaster and you can enjoy the ride or hate every minute of it. The choice is up to you!
So no matter what your day has been like just be positive.... and keep being positive and things are bound to turn around!
~Have a Great Weekend and Enjoy the Summer, it'll be gone before you know it!~

Friday, August 20, 2010

And the Winner Is......

And the Winner of this Cute Purple Puppy from Wish with me is.........

Congrats! We'll be in touch with you shortly!

And a huge thanks to Kathie from Wish With Me!!!!
Here's her shop link:

~Have a Great Weekend!~

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Featured Seller: UsagiRabbit!!!

Today's Seller is a very unique and cute one! You are just going to love the creativity of this shop!!! Say Hello to UsagiRabbit!
Okay...this plush bunny is pretty dark cute! And if you love this one you are going to love this entire shop as it is loaded with fun varieties!
Let's learn a little about this great seller!
~"Bright colors, textures, quotes, other cultures, and themes inspire me. My room is packed with tattered old art books and manga (Japanese graphic novels). I love reading Haiku and watching old Japanese movies. I don't speak much Japanese yet but I'm trying to learn. The name of my shop actually means 'RabbitRabbit' since Usagi means rabbit in Japanese. Hence the name, UsagiRabbit. Rabbits are my favorite animals and I have rabbit images, paintings, sketches, and figurines all over my room. I collect work from other artists and it's absolutely amazing how each one depicts the same animal in so many different ways!
~"To me, making art is not a choice. I have to do it, it's almost like a compulsion. Sometimes, this strong feeling overtakes me and I just HAVE to make something. (If it hits when I'm in the middle of a class I start doodling on the edges of my notes... doesn't always go over well with professors.) A small sketchbook and pen are kept by my bed as waking up at 2 am to sketch out a sudden idea is not uncommon. Needless to say, coffee is kept close at hand.

~"I've tried just about every kind of medium over the years: paint, clay, beads, wire, wood, ink, yarns, and so many others. No single one clicked with me. I felt frustrated with art. I could picture things in my head but my hands just wouldn't cooperate. Thanks to a friend's suggestion, about two months ago, I tried working in felt and I have been hooked ever since. I swear I dream about sheep!
~"If I could say only one thing to an artist who is feeling 'artistically frustrated' it would be this: keep trying, keep working on ideas, try every possible medium that you can. It's totally worth it when you find the medium that's right for you. Plus, you'll learn a lot of new things and meet lots of great people along the way. To me, making art really is the best thing in the world. It's not always easy and sometimes it can be downright painful (sewing too much causes me to sprain my wrist) but it's something I just couldn't live without."

~Thanks so much for sharing with us Jackie! Love your shop! And I know everyone else will too! Here's the link to her shop again:

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Featured Seller: Tarapparel!!!

Today's Seller is pretty new and let's help to spread the word....come on we all know what it's like starting out! Say Hello to Tarapparel!
Tarapparel, Tarappare, Tarapparel.....sorry I just love how this shop name rolls right off the tongue, Such a Great Shop Name!
Isn't this dress so cute? I just love dresses, I they always seem to call my name, and this one cute!
Alright...I'm done...let's learn about this seller!
~"My name is Tara Welch, I recently graduated from the fashion design program at Fanshawe College. I opened my Etsy shop "Tarapparel" on June 4th 2010. At Tarapparel you can purchase jewelry, knit hats, and summer dresses. In the fall I will also start to sell pajama pants and stockings.
~"What keeps me motivated is knowing that running this business and working on my products(clothing) is helping me keep up the skills I learned in college while I work on finding a job in the fashion industry."

You can check out my blog at

Thanks so much for Sharing with us Tarapparel!!!!
Here's the shop link again....
...and off we all go to enjoy!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Featured Seller: Chocololic Knitsand Crochet!!!

Today's Seller is Pretty New to Etsy but I can tell that this shop is going to go far! As a Huge Newbie Supporter I'm happy to introduce to you.....Chocololic Knits and Crochet!
You've got to admit that this Sushi Critter Amigurumi is pretty cool!
Let's learn a little about this great seller:
~"I've always loved crafting and creating new things ever since I was little. I used to build forts with chairs and all the blankets I could find in the house, and looked forward to rainy days so I could stay inside cutting construction paper and using my dinosaur stencils. I learned the basics of knitting from my mom, and the rest from books. I recently decided to try and make my own original designs, and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! The hardest part is keeping my creativity and train of thought going while stopping every so often to write down what I just did.
~"Right now, since I'm just getting my shop off the ground, I have so many ideas, and it's just a matter of finding time to work on everything that I want to. Since my shop is new, I'm kind of still in "brainstorm" mode and I'm planning to try a little of this, a little of that, and see how people respond to the products I come up with. So far I have listed amigurumis, amigurumi patterns, and an ipod case. I'm currently working on what I would like to be a main product line, these small elegant wristlet purses each made in a different colorful yarn in an interesting pattern or texture, and lined with pretty fabric inside.
~"It's really fun to draw sketches of different ideas for purses, and it will be fun to work on as many variations on the main idea as I want. I'm still considering whether to wait until I have finished several of the wristlet purses to post them, even though I'll be so excited I'll want to post right away as soon as one is finished! Stay tuned on my blog for more updates about when the new purses will be ready."

I have a new facebook page here, that I plan to post special discounts and promotions on: (and am trying to start getting fans for!)

and my blog is here:

Thanks for Sharing with us! And Best of Wishes!
Here's the Shop Link Again!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Today's Featured Seller: Confections in Glass!!!

Today's Featured Shop is loaded with fun goodies for just about anyone! Say Hello to Confections in Glass!
Isn't this Blue Angel Fish just stunning? I love it and I know that my parents would as they collect fish just like this!
Let's learn a little more about this great shop and seller!
~"My name is Judy and my shop is Confections In Glass. The very first piece I made was a "Crystal Garden Lady" for my Mother's garden, using what I like to call "previously loved" glass and crystal, in 2006. That's where it all started, and from there, each piece I found inspired me to create something different.
~"Eventually, my business evolved into creating custom centerpieces, candle holders, serving pieces and gifts for weddings, parties and special events. I opened my Etsy shop in 2009 and love upcycling my finds, sometimes combining them with new pieces and trims, to create unique, one-of-a-kind confections "for life's most treasured moments".
~"When my husband and I moved to the beach 2 years ago, I became fascinated with creating centerpieces for beach weddings and developed my "By The Sea" collection."

Some of my "confections" are featured in a local gift shop and a bridal shop.

In addition, you can find me at:

~Thanks so Much for sharing with us Judy.....LOVE your work!
Here's the Link to this awesome shop again...and off you all go to enjoy the work of a true artist!

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Very Overdue BedBuggs Update!!!!

So some of you may be thinking...."Krista's fallen off the wagon"...nope I'm still kickin'. It's just been a crazy Week or two with tons of orders, baby's birthday (my baby boy is one already.....awwww what happened to that whole year?) and just life in general!

Here's some of my latest creations!
So after months of searching up and down for Brown wool felt by the yard....I now have a Wool Felt Option for my Hooter the Owl Pillows. This wool felt is fantastic! So soft, and it is machine washable.
Keep in mind that due to the wool felt (which is about $17-$21 a yard!!!!) The wool felt option is a little more expensive than the Eco Fi. But I do use the Highest Quality Eco Fi Felt, so either option is great!
Here's some more of my Rose Pillows! Hot Pink on Black with White Polka Dot!
Bright Yellow on Black with White Polka Dot!
White on Robins Egg Blue!
Mustard Yellow on Brown....perfect autumn accessory!

~Also Coming soon...some more Halloween listings. And I am in the process of making a Squirrel and I need your assistance yet again in coming up with a cute name!

~Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you again!~

Featured Seller: Glamourgeek Boutique!!!

Today's Featured Seller is definitely for all the divas out there....and we all tend to have our diva side! Say Hello to this cute and fun new shop Glamourgeek Boutique!!!
Isn't this Headband cute? I love it, and I can think of about 10 people in my life who would love it too. This cute shop is getting my wheels turning for's only 4 months away!
Okay...I'm done with my Christmas list...let's learn a little about this seller!
~"My name is Andrea Little, I am 35 and a graphic designer. I have been crafting since my teen years. I took my moms hot glue gun and started gluing anything and everything together. I love making things. The satisfaction I get from creating something from bits and pieces is so gratifying.
~"My motivation is the look on peoples face when they see something I made and they love it. That "squeeee moment". Imagining the the look on their face when something I made, makes them happy. I am inspired by beauty, glamour, and style. I know that sounds so vague... I collect vintage jewelry, hats and gloves. I love the fact that women used to wear these things. I want to impart these feelings femininity to my customers.
~"I consider myself pretty net-savvy but never knew about etsy until, in March, a friend told me I should set up a store. So I did. I have made some sales but none from etsy... YET (*crosses fingers*). I am also a voracious bargain hunter. So, when I went looking for accessories; I refused to pay $30 for a feathered headband. So I made one for myself. I love a great bargain and I think that is what I give to my customers as well. My shop is fairly new and I am adding to it daily. Some item you will see in the near future are beaded jewelry, drawstring "dice" bags, headbands, embroidered pin cushions, paper crafts, and other creations."

You can find me on facebook at(feel free to shorten this) Glamour Geek Boutique:!/pages/Houston-TX/Glamour-Geek-Boutique/137540382931130?v=wall&ref=ts&__a=3&ajaxpipe=1

You can find me on twitter at: @divadrea75

My blog is:

And my website:

~Wow...Thanks for Sharing with us Andrea....great shop!~
Here's the link again to her great little shop!

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Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Featured Seller: Artsy Clay!!!

Today's Featured Seller is very fun, cute and creative! Say Hello to Artsy Clay!
Isn't this Pink Bird soooooo cute? I just realized that all the features from this shop are bird related...and as cute as they are...this shop is loaded with so much more than just adorable birdies!
Alrighty let's learn a little more about this seller!
~"My love for tiny things began when I was a child - playing with dolls, decorating a big dollhouse and enjoying miniature collectibles. I grew up in a crafty family so the seed was planted at an early age to make things, especially to spread a little joy by making handmade gifts for others.
~"As an adult, I tried many types of crafts but never found one I could consider my “own” until I discovered polymer clay. With it, I have been delighted to be able to design and create little pins and pendants that I can wear and share with others. First I sold on Ebay and then found Etsy, and have greatly enjoyed networking with other artists and have met some wonderful friends.
~"My favorite things to make are cats and dogs, nature’s bounty such as flowers and leaves, hearts because they stand for love, and faces.
~"My inspiration comes especially from things I see in nature such as animals . . . a perfectly shaped tree . . . shadows and sunlight playing on a leaf in the woods . . . a vibrant color, and from finding new techniques and ideas in books and online. The possibilities of polymer clay are endless, so there’s always a new way to combine shapes, colors, layers and embellishments."

~Thanks so much for Sharing with us Judy! Don't you just love these cute birds? Then you're going to adore her shop! Here's the link again for you.....

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Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Featured Seller and Giveaway: Wish With Me!!!

Today's Featured Shop is a cute one that you just don't want to miss. It's loaded with creative goodies for all ages! Say Aloha to Wish With Me!
Okay...I've officially fallen head over heels for this adorable beach bag...okay I Lied....I've fallen head over heels with just about everything in this shop!!!Yes, it took me an extra day just to decide what to feature!
Okay...I'm done talking about what I love! Let's learn about this great seller!
~"My shop is filled with everything that will make you smile. It’s whimsical, colorful, and always a fun place to visit for all ages. I have over 100 items. The smallest item is a ½” plush felt ladybug and the largest item is a 30” over
sized beach bag. For girly girls, and girly girls at heart, my tiny fairies and finger-ling babies are just a couple of favorites. For boys it’s all about the ninjas. And I mean boys, boyfriends and husbands. I guess you never get too old for the ninja. Now that I have a beach bag and tote bag collection, it’s bringing in a new interest for the teen girls and women.

~"My inspiration is children. I know what my kids used to love when they were little and I also remember what I loved. For me the absolute best thing is to see the eyes of a child light up when they hold one of my little treasures in their hand. I also get my inspiration from the talented people around me who always encourage me in all I do.
~"I stay motivated because I want my shop to be a success. My head is always in product development mode trying to come up with that one popular item that my customers just have to have. At the moment I think I have over 200 sketches, plans and patterns for what I'd like to try next and the list keeps growing.

Etsy shop:
Wish with me blog:

~Thanks so Much for Sharing Kathie!~
~Don't you just love this Purple Puppy?
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My First Treasury! "Autumn Morning"