Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today's Featured Seller: Kimber Perry!!!

I'm pretty excited about Today's Featured Seller, just because I love to dress up....yes I'm in my twenties, but your never too old for dress up, and this shop is loaded with fun things for all ages! Let's say hello to Kimber Perry!!!
Don't you love this Red, White and Blue Tutu? I know I do and it is the perfect item to celebrate this week....I only wish I would have found it sooner...because I would totally have to wear it this weekend.....oh well Halloween is around the corner too! Enough rambling....let's hear more about the creators....
~"Hi! We are John and Kimber Perry. We met and married last summer and now are a family of 7. along with our 5 fabulous kids! We began with one shop on Etsy, Perry Style, and now have 2 other shops, Sunshine Threads and Big Daddy Images.
~"We also recently launched our own website, Kimber Perry(which carries all our clothing, tutus and accessories) was created when we had a great desire to spend our days together working towards our goal of owning our own business doing what we love, with the talents given to us by the Lord.
~"We are now able to spend our days creating, being with each other and our 5 children. We have put our trust into God to guide our lives and business in a direction that is fruitful to him and ourselves.
~"Our clothing tutus and accessories are inspired by our children's laughter and innocence, and the world around us. Motivated by providing for our family and being able to bless those around us along through our mission of helping orphaned children in Kenya through A Future and A Hope, we are always creating new and exciting items for our shops."
~Wow...what an inspiring story for us all....Thanks so Much for Sharing with us! Here's the Shop link Again:
And Best of Wishes to you!
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Featured Seller: Carol's Painting Room!!!

If you love art as much as I do, then you are going to love Today's Featured Seller!
Say Hello to Carol's Painting Room:
Isn't this Iris Water Color Beautiful? Well this shop is loaded with beautiful flowers and much, much more!
Well lets learn more about the awesome artist!
~"I really love to paint! I'm not a fast painter, in fact my work takes several days to complete, but it's a joy to have my brush in hand!Flowers both inspire me and motivate me. I try to challenge myself with difficult flower forms like my Queen Anne's Lace and my irises.
~"Sometimes, I venture elsewhere: my shell and my blue bird are my two favorite paintings of all!I recently retired from teaching elementary art so now I am free to paint every day.
~"I started my blog,, as a way to share my art, my favorite books & movies, travel adventures & my love of flowers.
~"Blogging is a so much fun! I've met many wonderful & talented people out there!
~"This, in turn, led to opening my Etsy shop'm looking forward to watching my little Etsy shop grow!"
~Thanks so Much for Sharing with us Carol! Now off we all go to see her shop!
And don't forget to swing by Carol's Blog too!
Thanks Again!
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Today's Featured Seller: Karisma by Kara!!!

Here's another Great Shop that I'm way excited about, and I've spent way too much time in her shop (I'm afraid that if I had the money I would have cleared out half her shop.) But lets hear it for Karisma by Kara!
Isn't this Onyx Necklace just beautiful....I would say so as I have a soft spot for Onyx Jewelry. Here's a little more about the creator:
~"I have always loved creating things. I find joy and satisfaction if by the end of the day I have something tangible or visual that I can say I made:) ~"As a child I was always making something and then attempting to either sell it at a garage sell or by soliciting our neighbors! My mother about died when she found out that I had been going door to door trying to sell a facial concoction of baby powder and baby oil to our neighbors.
~"So needless to say, I have always had the desire to be self employed and utilize the creative abilities that God has given me. I'm just glad I didn't go into the business of creating cosmetics:)
~"I went on to major in studio art in college and was able to illustrate textbooks on the side.
~"While I love drawing and painting I have become enamored with creating jewelry. It is such a creative outlet. What I find most appealing about jewelry making is that I can keep up with it. Paintings take so much longer and I usually have a sketchbook of ideas and lots of unfinished pieces. With jewelry, as soon as an idea pops into my head I can go into my craft room and come out with something new! It's just very rewarding.
~"I also love the graphic design aspect of my business. I love designing banners, logos, pamphlets, you name it! Nothing excites me more than printed materials. I know it's crazy but I love the crispness of designs and the way it looks on paper:)
~"I'm married and have 3 cats:)
~"Having my own business is often a challenge but it is so rewarding! I wouldn't trade my little business in for any job in the world. I love what I do and thank God everyday for giving me the means to fulfill my dream:)."
~Thanks so much for sharing with us Kara! Now that we have all been inspired by Kara's you all go to be inspired by her shop!
Kara's Shop is one that you will definitely want to heart and to keep an eye on...because I guarantee she'll be a huge success shortly! ;)
~Well I'm I go now to create!
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Today's Featured Seller: Kynera's Jewels!!!

Check Out Today's Awesome Featured Jewelry Seller: Kynera's Jewels!!!
Isn't this bracelet so pretty? I'm a sucker for the turquoise colored jewelry! This shop is loaded with lots of pretties!
Let's learn a little about this great seller!
~"I'm Erin, a 28 year old, happily married, college graduate. I'm a dissatisfied scientist, which is what I am educated in, but I have found that as a career choice it's just not where I can be happy. I have always loved jewelry and crafting of all kinds and my goal for this year was to combine my desire and talent into a successful business. I have to admit that the successful part is still coming along, but I'm constantly working at it (when I'm not at my day job).
~"My shop: Kynera's Jewels are all my handmade creations and I never really do the exact same thing twice. I have taken classes in silk-knotting, wire-wrapping, and other classic beading techniques and I tend to vary my projects around these, which is reflected in the variety available in my shop. I am constantly searching suppliers in the area for gemstones, semi-precious stones, and precious metal components that I can incorporate into my work.
~"Inspiration: I have ideas for projects floating around in my head all the time. Most of my ideas come from just looking at a set of beads and seeing what they should be or what they would look good with. Other times I am inspired by color combinations I see in fashion or nature. I have made several pieces recently in green and purple after seeing these trees where I live bloom these amazing little purple flowers.
~"Motivation: Life! I do well when I am busy even if I am getting run down, so having a day job and a business keeps me moving and organized. However, the hope that I might be able to take my business full-time and be a stay-at-home mom with my future children is my biggest motivation right now. Also, the more jewelry I make and sell the less room my beads take up in our 1 bedroom apartment, which makes my husband happy! "
~Thanks so Much for Sharing Erin! Love your shop....I'm off to check it out again....and you all should too:
Disclaimer: It is in NO WAY BedBugg's fault if you end up purchasing something! ;)
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Featured Seller: Twisted Planet Designs!!!

Today's Feature is a unique and fun find....let's say hello to Twisted Planet Designs!!!
Check out the detail in this Pendant! One look at this little shop and you'll just how artistic this seller is!
Let's learn a little more about the Seller!
~"My shop is a collaboration between me and my husband. Though I manage it and post everything so it's mostly my stuff :) We both went to college at the Art Institute and have little creative flairs that show up at random times. Our biggest thing is experimenting. We love to try out different things and see what will appeal to other people that might be slightly more sane then us.
~"Currently our focus is starting to switch to repurposing and doing ecofriendly things.
~"I think in trying out new things, we are always motivating each other. Some things turn out wonderful. While other things... well we have had a few laughs along the way. We are still in the experimenting stages but hope to have more things up on the site. Currently we are pursing recycling paper into beads. So far so good, minus the thousand little scraps of paper that get spread around the house."
~Thanks for Sharing with us Twisted Planet!!!
Here's the Shop Link Again:
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Featured Seller: The Fertile Garden!!!

If you're always looking for that "mid-week pick-me-up" I always am..then you are going to love Today's Featured Seller!
I'm very excited about this feature as it is very positive and influential!
Let's here it for The Fertile Garden!
Isn't this Hope Fertility Bracelet Beautiful! If you love this're going to love this Shop!
Lets learn a little more about the Designer/Seller:
~"About The Fertile Garden:
~"Infertility can feel like you are running a marathon without knowing how much further you have to run or even if there is a finish line ahead. That's why I created The Fertile Garden. Sometimes you need a little extra positivity and hope in your life while trying to conceive, and you've come to the right place!
~"About Me:
~"I am an artist who loves to create positive and inspiring artwork! I also love jewelry making, and creating fertility jewelry and bracelets has a special place close to my heart, as it is something I have personally experienced.
~"What keeps me motivated:
~"I hope to bring a source of comfort to women and couples going through the same journey."
~Thanks so much for Sharing!
I just love the "A Mothers Love - Inspiring and Positive Fertility Art Print" pictured above! I know so many who are struggling with infertility, and I personally know how tough it can be to struggle with conception, but it is SO IMPORTANT to remain positive and just believe!
Thanks Again for these beautiful items and your inspiration to us all!
Here's the shop Link Again:
I know that where to go for gifts for my struggling friends!
And Don't forget to visit this great blog too!
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Featured Seller:Butterfly Kisses Folk Art by Kerry!!!

If you love Folk Art as much as I're going to love Today's Featured Seller! Say Hello to Butterfly Kisses: Folk Art by Kerry!
Isn't this Love Tree so cute, I love it! Just like I love everything in this shop! But lets hear more from the creator:
~"I have enjoyed being a part of the Etsy community for over two years now and I love the time spent creating and sharing the fun I have with others!
~"As a busy working mom of two, I look forward to my "me" time after the girls go to bed and usually involves trying something new or being inspired by others by reading my favourite magazines "Somerset Studios" and "Cloth,Paper, Scissors". My only dilemma is deciding what to create first!
~"My passion is creating mixed media pieces with a whimsical flare. My art shop "Butterfly Kisses", is the perfect outlet for my whimsies~ even the style of the art in my shop often changes with my newest muses.
~"I love the freedom that creating with a variety of colours,textures and items gives. Most pieces in my vintage shops and are vintage chic with a modern flare. ~"I love to feature other Etsians and their creative spaces in my blog where I recently featured the lovely BedBuggs Boutique!"
~Thanks for Sharing! And she really does have a great blog.....well here's her shop link again:
~I'm off to check out her blog and other shops!
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~I can't wait to see your shop!
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today's Featured Seller: Purple Pebble!!!

I know that you are just going to Love Today's Featured Seller!!! This shop is cute and fun! Say Hello to Purple Pebble!!!
Aren't these crochet gloves so cute? Well this shop has different colors to choose from...and these would be the perfect gift for any pre-teen or teenage girl you cute, my lil sis would love these!!!
Okay....I'm done ranting and raving....lets here from the creator!!!
~"I started crocheting at an early age, 11 I think, then knitting in the 80's. Moved from there to jewellery and studied silversmithing at college.
~"I made and sold my own jewellery for many years but I needed workshop space and felt too isolated and alone at home. I started working part-time but then I missed running my own business and making things. I actually started back on crochet to learn how to crochet wire but then I discovered a long buried love of fabric crochet and all the lovely yarns, textures and colours.
~"I think it is the yarns that inspire me, I love to experiment with new patterns, textures and just seeing where the colour and texture will lead me. I have to seems, and I have to try and sell, it's not really the money but the thought that someone really likes my work. If you give someone your work they have to like it, or at least pretend to, if someone wants to part with money for something then they must really like it.
~"Why I have to share and not just make for myself? I don't know. I heard the theory once that all art is communication so you have to have other people experiencing your work, or you are only talking to yourself."
Thanks for sharing your shop Purple Pebble! Yes that was a crochet set pictured up above.....awesome!!!!
Here's the shop link again:
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New From BedBuggs!!!

Thanks to all those of you who participated in my Favorite Animal Vote a few weeks ago....the Fox was the Favorite animal!
So Say Hello to Socks the Fox Plush Pillow!
He's made from Burnt Orange Wool Felt and he's one sly guy...he's a work in progress, there are still a few things I need to perfect (as I am a perfectionist).
If you have any tips on what you'd like to see changed on this guy, like color (I think I want to go more red or rust colored) or over all shape....please let me know! I'm open to suggestions from all my creative friends
Thanks in Advance!
Coming soon.....a squirrel and raccoon (I'm way excited about them too)!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Featured Seller: NaviWing!!!

Today's Featured Seller is another shop loaded with a variety of cute and fun items!
Say Hello to NaviWing!!!
Isn't this little pig cute! He definitely tugs on my heart strings! NaviWing's Shop is loaded with fun cute little guys just like him...and much much more!
But I'll let the creator tell us more about this fun shop!
~"Hello! :D My name's Devon, and I'm a 20 year old college student. At the moment, I'm a junior, working towards my bachelor's degree in English (I also could have been an art major, but words stole my heart first).
~"I hope to become a college professor one day... but what I'll teach specifically is still a mystery to me. I'm an honors kid, which means I have to maintain a pretty high GPA in order to keep my scholarship. So during the semester, when I'm not dedicating my time to my creativity, I'm a full-time student. Even my job revolves around school, as I tutor other students on campus in an effort to help improve their writing skills! When off campus, I'm living at home with my wonderful, supportive parents and two absolutely insane cats.
~"My shop, NaviWing (Navi for navigate and Wing for the idea of soaring and freedom), started back in January of 2010. That being said, I'm still relatively new to being a Seller. Anyhow, I had joined Etsy months earlier, and just browsing was enough to make me want to jump into the fray.
~"At first, I opened up selling my hand-sewn critters. They're all made from reclaimed material and are one of a kind, but as I soon learned, these guys didn't (and still don't) sell fast. I decided that maybe making jewelry was the best route to take, and soon had my first sale!The shop at this moment is still evolving, but I think I've established a place where things are simple and either cute or elegant. Or maybe both? Almost everything has some element of reclaimed material, and I'm not a fan of big, flashy pieces. To me, something small can make a statement on its own while still being practical. But one thing's for sure: I love creating. I love sharing what I've made with people, and every time I see something of mine on some one's favorites list, I just glow. It means a lot to me when people appreciate what I do, and I hope to return the favor by helping other artists, either by promoting them or purchasing from them.
~"Also in the shop are some vintage items. I believe that it's important to preserve what we once had, be that a feeling, a style, or a memory. Old jewelry pieces have that story to them, but what I'm quickly falling in love with all over again are vintage and antique books. I've been looking around a lot lately in book sales for books that, yes, I can make a profit off of (please give me a break. I'm a poor college student), but books that have a lot of character. Tomes that have this little flair to them, and that need to be rescued from that musty box everyone keeps rummaging through... those are the ones I want to bring back into the light.
~"I can only hope that the people who buy my books are the ones who actually read them, who breathe life back into those musty, yellowed pages and who will know their story by the time they're done. I always see names pencilled on flyleaves or written on book plates. There are library stamps in some, along with cards filled with all the names that have held the pages. These guys have travelled, and I hope they keep doing so.
~"Aside from books, I'm always looking for inspiration. What keeps you going? people ask. What do you look at that gives you those ideas? Well it's no secret that aside from jewelry, I avidly draw and write. Etsy is just one outlet for all these ideas inside me, and one day I hope to open up a separate shop for my illustrations (whose details, I'm afraid, I must keep under wraps for now).
~"My inspiration comes from many different sources. First, being my age, I play video games. It's not the average hack-and-slash ones, though. I play role Playing Games, or RPGs. These games are based on story elements and characters. Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem... these are the ones I adore, because the designers have gone into such meticulous detail with worlds, character design, and even the music, that you can believe these places and people are real. I write fanfiction (guilty pleasure, I know), I draw fan art, I listen to the music composed for everything from battles to cut scenes. It's the energy generated from all of that which keeps me going.That energy is also born after watching an amazing movie. I am in love with Disney animation. Now, I'm talking 2D animation (not all this 3D stuff that's taken over). Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, and Mulan are some of my favorites. But there are also amazing Miyazaki films, like Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds, and Howl's Moving Castle which leave you feeling contemplative. I need to have the aesthetics matched with amazing music and storyline in order to be really captured.
~"Music, though, is another part of it. I listen to a lot of soundtracks and piano compositions written by Nobuo Uematsu for the Final Fantasy franchise. Howard Shore and John Williams are also amazing composers. Of course I also delve into nearly everything else. Loreena McKennitt, Twelve Girls Band, The Yoshida Brothers are just a few examples of some world music I enjoy, but I also can rock out to bands like OK Go, Motion City Soundtrack, A Skylit Drive, Fall Out Boy, and Lady GaGa. I have to say, though, that I can never and will never get sick of Utada Hikaru. She's a J-Pop genius.
~"So, as you can see, inspiration for me isn't a simple matter. And while all that inspires me to create, what motivates me is the support from my family and friends, and the support of my buyers and friends in the Etsy community.
~"I really just want to make people smile and make them feel, as a recent buyer told me, special. I feel that your purchase should be unique right down to the packaging, and that if you don't feel like you're important, I've failed you in some way.
~"Even if you don't buy anything, if you're also a seller, I can try to help promote your shop or try to give you ideas on how to make things even better.
~"Etsy and my shop, NaviWing... it's all one big ongoing adventure. I know that I'm part of something much larger, and I hope to learn about and experience even more about Etsy success so that I can help my fellow artists."

~Thanks for sharing with us Devon!
~Now off you go to check out Devon's Shop:
But Wait....don't forget to check out these too!
Facebook Page:
My Twitter: http://www.twitter/NaviWing

~Thanks Again to Devon and all the Sellers that I've featured and will feature! You are all so inspiring!
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Featured Seller: Leksi Designs!!!

Today's Featured Seller is fun and unique! This Shop is loaded beautiful finds that you just won't find any where else!
Say Hello to Leksi Designs!!!
Don't you just love this Mark Twain Quote Cuff!!! I think it is awesome! Leksi Designs is packed full with fun stuff like this!
Alrighty then....lets learn a little about the Designer....
~"My name is Brooke. I am the owner of Leksi Designs. I make custom hand stamped jewelry and handmade flower accessories.
~"My shop was named in a pretty simple way. My daughter, age 7, is named Aleksis. Some people call her "Leksi" for short, so there it is...Leksi Designs! In addition to one daughter, I have a husband, Tim, who is a Highway Patrolman and two small dogs, Jasper and Toby.
~"I actually got into stamping metal jewelry when I was shopping for a piece for myself. Everything I looked at was so expensive! So, I just thought I would make it myself! People started asking me about the pieces I was wearing....and my ETSY SHOP WAS BORN!
~"I work full-time during the day for the local school district and take Master's Courses in the evenings as well. I also coach cheerleading part-time and keep a pretty set schedule at the gym. I enjoy running and hope to run a few marathons this summer.
~"How do I find time to do my jewelry? This is fairly simple...I don't No joking aside, I really don't sleep much and jewelry is kind of my "wind-down" time in the late evenings. Hopefully, one day I will be able to spend more of my day doing this...but for now this is working out great!
~"Advice for a new artist~ I would suggest taking the time to come up with something really unique and original before advertising. A new artist must have both quality and quantity to make it. Take great pictures and keep customer service number one!I promote my etsy through my blog and word of mouth mainly. I get more sales through simple private email than anything else.
~"In ten years...I hope to be enjoying life and still creating my jewelry. I am just about finished with my MBA, so hopefully I can tie in my interest in owning my own brick and mortar business with my craft life.
~"My favorite piece of work so far is my Hand stamped Quote Cuff:
~Thanks for Sharing with us Brooke! And I just Love your shop!
Here's her link again.....careful you probably won't leave without making a purchase or two! ;)
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And the Winner is...............................

The Winner of these super cute Earrings is.........................
Donna Hufman Warrington!!!!
Congrats Donna......I'll be in touch with you shortly!
Thanks to Sara Too, for this way fun Giveaway!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Today's Featured Seller: Enduring Arts!!!

I'm super excited about Today's Featured Seller not only because her work is incredible, but it is also inspirational! And I know how much Etsian's enjoy inspiration! Let's hear it for Enduring Arts!!!
Isn't this baby print so cute? I love it and wish I would have discovered this shop sooner, because I'd love some of these of my cuties!
But enough about me lets hear what this Awesome Designer (Jodi) has to tell us about herself and her Cute Shop!
~"I am a small town girl living in the Midwest. Ever since I can remember I have had a passion for creating.
~"Even though I always wanted to be an artist I felt pressure to get a so called ‘real’ job. So after graduation I attended college where I received a BS in Graphic Design. (Which was a great learning experience!) Soon after I married a wonderful man and started using my graphic design knowledge in a marketing career. ~"Although I enjoyed my job and several people I worked with, there seemed to always be something missing.
~"After my husband and I had a beautiful baby girl we started to re-evaluate what we really wanted in life. 7 months later with my husband’s encouragement and support I left my job to work at home freelancing, do artwork, and care for our daughter.
~"I have thoroughly enjoyed witnessing all of her firsts. I quit just in time to see her crawl! So my husband and daughter are my biggest motivation.
~"I would encourage everyone to follow their heart.
~"If your not truly happy doing what your doing today take a risk and make a change.
~"Pay may not always be the best, you will probably work harder than you’ve ever worked before, but it is well worth it in the end. Life is too short not to try. You will have a learning experience like no other!
~"My paintings and designs are created with a special meaning in mind. I hope to inspire others who view my work. It means the world to me to know something I created touched someone else’s heart!
~"If you’re interested in knowing more about me and my art please visit"
~Thanks for Sharing Jodi! And a huge thank you for inspiring a fellow SAHM I understand the sacrifice of a 'real job' for the kids....and in the end it's more than worth it!
~Here's Jodi's Shop Link off you go to enjoy and be uplifted!
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Have an Awesome Weekend!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Only One More Day for Lilly Queen's Giveaway!!!! can get these Cute Earrings 100% FREE!!!!
Hurry the Winner will be picked Tomorrow Night!!!
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My First Treasury! "Autumn Morning"