Thursday, March 11, 2010

~NEW~Tiny Stick-On Baby Bows!!!

Aren't these Stick-On Bows Adorable? I love 'em, if I might say so myself. These are the Ideal Hospital Gift or Baby Shower Gift for any Baby Girl.
These Bows are One of a Kind, because they are Bow Tie Style, and each bow is carefully hand sewn.

~They come in 15 colors:
*White, Yellow, Lavender, Dark Purple, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Aqua, Brown, Black, Cream Orange, Light Green and Off-White.

~You have the option of a pack of 15 bows (one of each color.) Or a pack of 30 (two of each color.)
Each Bow is made from 5/8 " Satin Ribbon, and measure approximately 1 1/4" wide and 1 1/2" tall.

~To Apply: Simply add a small drop of KY Jelly or Light Karo Syrup to the back of the bow, and press onto baby's head. Allow time to dry.

~To Remove: Moisten Bow with a Damp Cloth and gently remove from baby's hair.

~These Bows can be reused over and over.
All Stick-On Bows will come in these resealable/reusable baggies, for convenient storage.
~Also Bows will come with Application and care instructions.
-If you like these Bows but would like some different or additional colors please let me know!
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