Sunday, May 30, 2010

Featured Seller: Deborah Julian!!!

I'm pretty excited to introduce today's feature just because as you can see she's clearly very talented!
Say Hello to Deborah Julian and her awesome Shop
After taking just one look at her shop, I've been glued! I can't wait to see what she'll come up with next!
~Let find out a little bit more about this Artist!
"I am a photographer, living in New York City with my husband and cats. Art and photography were my primary passions for many years—until my heart was captured by a smart, funny cat named George. It was love at first sight the moment we saw each other at the Humane Society of New York.
~My husband Dave and I have since adopted two other terrific cats named Billy and Sammy. These three boys have found their way into my art. Not only are they my favorite subjects-they also help me create my images, frequently sitting at the computer with me as I work on my pictures in Photoshop. Sammy, particularly, likes to walk across the keyboard while I am working, adding his own creative touches to my images. Where would I be without cats?"
~Thanks for sharing a little about yourself Deborah!~
I loved this one, so cute! Deborah's shop is a great place to find any art for a cat lover in your life!
Don't you just love clouds? I know I do....and here's yet another awesome piece from Deborah's Shop!
~Thanks Again for Sharing Deborah! Here's the link to her shop's definitely a shop worth looking at!
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  1. Deborah has some beautiful pieces! And I love your owl pillow!
    Here is my shop, called Only One...

  2. Deborah's shop is awesome. I have some of her kitty cards and NYC cards and they are fabulous!


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