Thursday, September 16, 2010

Featured Seller: I Heart Paper!!!

Today's Featured Seller is one that I have marked as a Favorite and will be headed too for my kid's Birthday parties, and the Holidays for suresies!!! This Shop is adorable! It's just loaded with cute party favors!!! Say Hello to I Heart Paper!
Isn't this Frankenstein so cute??? I just love Halloween, and I'm thinking this guy would be perfect for a Halloween Party! I realized that I featured all Halloween items, but you have to visit her shop to see all the variety! SERIOUSLY!!! the soap box! Let's learn a little about this great Seller:
~"My name is Tricia Green. I started my love of crafting when I was little and I would watch my mom create things. My parents used to own a coffee shop and would sell crafts from local artists. I loved this idea.
~"Last year I had major surgery and had a lot of free time before I was able to do much. I spent every waking hour sewing ancient patterns I had bought on ebay. I made clown after clown after clown until I had an entire glass display case full of them. I was so inspired from how fun it was to pick out bright coloured fabric and cut some yarn and behold a beautiful accomplishment would sit there on the shelf smiling at me forever.
~'I had run out of space for my clowns and started making my own Christmas cards, and tags. I got engaged in February and had decided I was going for a home made wedding as I could hardly sleep at night with all my ideas spinning in my head. I designed our wedding invitations out of bright coloured card stock and lace and my sewing machine. They were so unique I kept one and had it framed for my wall. In my midst of creating for the wedding there were many items I also bought on Etsy for gifts and to embellish my crafts.

~"I saw a beautiful bouquet of pinwheels on Etsy and I decided that was it I had to have them. However I needed a ridiculously large amount. Unfortunately I am the person where if I can make it for less I will. I made 200 pinwheels in one evening for my wedding and I LOVED them. I discovered I liked working with paper. Bright coloured card stock and my computer is all I need to keep my happy.
~"I listed my pinwheels online in my horrible start to an Etsy shop, and started selling right away. I was thrilled! Every day I discovered a new item that I loved to make and added it to my shop. I spend a lot of money in the beginning but I made it back within 8 weeks. June and August have been my best months yet! I am thrilled to be here and that people are just as excited about my items as I am. Its an amazing feeling to know someone on the other side of the world has my Cupcake wrappers delicately displayed on her fancy cupcake stand at their wedding. Even when I am tired and have 10 orders to complete and no social life I a determined as ever!'

~Thanks for Sharing with us Tricia! Love your shop!!! Here's the link again so you can drop in and visit:

~If you would like to see your shop featured on my Blog just follow and leave a comment with a link to your shop!

~Have a Great Thursday!!!~

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