Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Featured Seller: Chelserinibeani!!!

If you love unique jewelry like I do! Then you will LOVE today's featured seller! Say Hello to Chelserinibeani!
These Earrings are beyond stunning...quite the statement pieces if you ask me! Let's learn a little about this great seller!
~"Hello!! My name is Chelsea Eby. The name for my shop came from a silly nickname my mother gave me as a child pronounced (chel-sur-reeney-beani)
I am born and raised from Indiana, which isn't really the most exciting place in the world (unless you love Nascar or football) but its "homey" and I like that. Oh, and there is a little bit more than just corn fields I promise!
My parents are both creative masters and have encouraged me throughout my life. My dad used to play a game with my sister and I while at restaurants where we had to make pictures from abstract lines he drew. I loved this game, and became very good at it. I truly believe that this game helped me exercise my creative genius and push myself to see art from anything!

~"I took a jewelry class in high school which started my love for it!! I realized that stores never had the cool earrings I was picturing in my head, so i thought I would just try making it myself. It wasn't until recently however (even after having an etsy shop for quite some time) did I decide to try selling some of my things!

~"My typical process for making jewelry is as follows:
-Lay out everything I own-beads, wire etc in front of me
-stare at it for an indefinite amount of time
-stop multiple times to play with/keep my 2 year old daughter entertained
-layout different ideas, experiment with cheap wire, scribble on envelopes of bills i need to pay
-Cry out in frustration, followed by emotional eating..
-have an amazing idea while doing something else like folding clothes, cleaning the toilet etc
- Put the piece together and vainly admire it on myself in the mirror, and sometimes multiple mirrors in my house.
-Finally I spend at least a day convincing myself that I will never be successful if I keep everything I make, and promise to recreate it for myself later
~"I try my best to create something you don't typically find other places, yet keep my prices affordable!! I am inspired by nature and its natural beauty and pallet of colors!! Making jewelry can be very frustrating when you are working and trying to raise a little girl who doesn't understand that you have work to do sometimes, so I try to read as many "quit your day job" stories to keep me believing its possible. I also know how much the Lord has done in my life and that he knows the desires of my heart before I have to even speak them and that is comforting!!
I hope you get the chance to check me out! I don't have a whole lot of my things posted yet ( having a busy toddler and working part time has made it a little more difficult than i thought!) but Im hoping to be able to add more and more over the next couple weeks!!"

~"Add me on facebook when you get a chance!! just search Chelsea Eby. I also have a fb page under "chelserinibeani" : )."

~Thanks so much for sharing with us Chelsea! Love your work...I just know that you are going to go far!
Here's her shop link again so you can check it out:

~If you would like to see your shop featured, just follow my blog and leave a comment with a link to your shop so I can contact you.
~Haven't been contacted yet??? Just convo me in my shop: I'm trying to keep up with my blog and orders!

~I Wish you all a Wonderful Wednesday!!!~

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