Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BedBugg Bows and Headbands

I'll admit I've been making Baby Headbands and bows ever since my sweet little girl was born. Ever since then these bows have been great shower baby shower gifts. I always have people asking me where I got them, because its so hard to find bows that look like...well bows. So here are some of my latest creations. Pink and Brown and Polka Dots have always been my favorite. So here's a set including a Headband Bow and two matching clip bows. I'm selling them for a steal of a deal.
This pic shows the clip. A lot of clip makers like to cover the whole alligator clip with ribbon, but I have found that that just makes it harder to get into your little girls hair so I like to partially cover the clip so that it can get in and out easy, yet still have the no-slip grip.

Here's the same super cute set in Green. Love it!
This Headband is a BedBugg Shop Favorite. It really is this Bright. And i kid you not when I say that it's a head turner. Every time I take my little girl out, she gets tons more looks and compliments. This ribbon is next to impossible to find, I've been looking for more so I can make a set of it. When this one goes, I don't know what I'll do.
Same Headband, just a lighter pink. Still very cute especially on a newborn.
Don't you just love Black and Pink? This Headband speaks for itself.
Black Satin Bow, this one is really tricky to make, as it is satin, and it's so hard to just hold on to, let a lone tie in a knot. But this bow is perfect for that special occasion. I'll be making a white one shortly (once I muster up the patients for it.)
Perfect for Easter or just spring. I should say that these bows are all about 3 1/2 inches wide, so they are pretty big (especially on baby's head). But again if you like something similar but smaller (or ever bigger) just let me know. I love making these bows.
Pink and Brown Ribbon Headband. This one's a bugger to make too, just because there are two ribbons involved. But in the end it's adorable. Pictures just don't do this one justice.
-Coming soon, flower clips.
-Any suggestions or words of advice? I'd love to hear it...thanks for stoppin' in. =)

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