Monday, August 30, 2010

Featured Seller: Boardwinos!!!

If you love board games and unique items then you will fall head over heels for this shop! Say Hello to Boardwinos!!!
So this awesome piece of work is a cork board...I love this piece, it's so cool I'd be afraid to use it! This shop is packed with goodies I wish I could have just featured the whole shop!
Let's learn more about this great seller!
~"About me: My full name is Guenevere Van Der Aa Keeffe. I have books and spent my spare time reading. I have a fascination with costume dramas and I at least make an attempt to be eco-friendly all the time. I have an odd, twisted sense of humor and I named my shop Board Winos because it was a nice play on words and I felt it conveyed to people my quirkiness.

~"My Shop: The idea for my shop happened while making my own inspiration board. I thought they would be great to sell on Etsy, they're re-purposed and they are useful. I knew I needed to offer more then just any thrown together cork board and after some brainstorming I figured I could make mine cork boards stand out by making each on visually interesting.

~"Motivation: One thing that motivates me is that I'm offering something slightly eco-friendly. Also, I like making something that someone can hang up and it's more a reflection on who they are and not some cookie cutter board from the store.

~"Inspiration: I really like things balanced and so I really am inspired by geometric shapes. Another thing I love is how by just changing the direction the corks flow I can play tricks on the eye. I also really let the frames I'm using inspire the way I decide to do the corks. With my 60's Diner Style board the color really made me thing black and white tiled floors and milk shakes.
~"The process: I spend every weekend at estate sales and at the beginning of the week I head to the thrift stores. Corks I usually have to buy off the internet but I do have some friends who work at nice restaurants. I buy large sheets of wood so that I cut backings for my frames (I'm still not great at cutting a straight line and that's never good because I often cut it too small). I then cut up the corks I'm going to use. Note of warning to some people: corks are wood and will dull any knife you use so don't use your own/parents expensive knives. I had to invest in a knife sharpener because if my knife isn't sharp it won't cut those nice crisp edges my cork boards have. Then I glue them down using a hot glue gun (I know not really eco-friendly but I find I can work faster when I don't have to wait a really long time for the glue to dry). I'm still working out details on some things, like I can't do a very good gallery style back yet but I do try and I haven't figured out shipping completely but like they say, everything in it's own time."

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~Thanks so much for sharing with us Guenevere! LOVE your work...and I can tell you that you will go far!
Here's her shop link, be sure to make time for a visit to just enjoy her work:

~If you would like to see your shop featured here just follow my blog and leave a comment with a link to your shop so I can contact you with the questions!

~Happy Monday To All~

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