Wednesday, June 16, 2010

For The Newbies!!!

I've been meaning to post this for a while, and after writing it up for a Newbie I've decided to list it here....

So here's a list of things that I wished I had know before I started here on Etsy...I apologize in advance as this will be long, please try to stay awake...if not sweet dreams! ;)

If I missed something...please feel free to add!

  • Do your Reasearch check out the Etsy forums and read as much as you can from all the and old. And play around on Etsy before you start as this will help you learn how it works.
  • Photos are everything...focus on that main thumbnail pic for every HAS to pop, it HAS to grab you, this photo is your only chance at pulling someone in. And to accomplish takes hundreds of pictures and hours of photoshop and cropping. Just warning way around it...sorry.
  • Don't list all your items at once ...especially if they are similar, Why? Because all your items will get lost together on the etsy pages and pushed back together. it makes you look desperate and in a hurry...and people will feel bombarded. List one item at a time and wait a day or two, if you can. Plus your items need to be surrounded by your competition as they will stand out more that way.
  • Tags....use all 14 tags for every listing (need help with's my secret ... it's Free and its a way to test your tags....see what are the most searched tags....shhhh it's my little secret.)
  • Keep Titles short and simple....creative names seem like fun, but when your starting out keep the title descriptive yet short, so people can find them.
  • First line of description needs to be specific this will help pull you up on searches for specific items.
  • Renew items....especially if they have high views and hearts...keep it up on the first few pages.
  • Study your competition....DON'T COPY THEM (no one likes a copycat)....just see what kind of photos are working for them, titles, tags, what's selling, what isn't... and on and on as your competition will teach you a lot.
  • Alchemy a great way to try to get a sale, but stick to specific bids and don't sell yourself short....Don't get so desperate for that 'next sell' that you end up slashing your prices in half for an item you'll probably never make again. Plus if you sell yourself short your just feeding the fire...there are already too many people using alchemy who are clearly taking advantage of desperate sellers....example: 'Wanted Plus Size Designer Dress Retail Value $498....Ideal Price $20' (okay $20 won't even cover the fabric). If you don't get the bid...move on....I've gotten plenty of hearts from just bidding on alchemy...(more on this in a later post).What's here to get an overview
  • mad! You'll get as much out of Etsy as you put into it. Blog, Facebook Twitter, the forums...the list is endless!
  • Last but not least.....BE POSITIVE!!!! Etsy is a roller coaster. Complaints about low views, and no sales are a dime a dozen on the forums...don't read them! Look for positive threads and think really's just good Karma!!!

Hope you're not asleep...and I hope that this helps some of you newbies out there. If you have something else to add....please comment....I'm sure that I've just scratched the I'm still learning!

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  1. I have one here for one year and still learning. This is good advice to anyone. Thanks for posting.

  2. I love it! even tho I have been on Etsy for like 2 years now I still have problems with my tags. Also on Etsy it is really good to make friend and network. Nothing beats have people behind your back to help support your items and give you a kick in the ass when you need it!

  3. Thanks for this great article! I also have been on Etsy for 2 years, but am just now getting into the social networking. I look forward to more great articles from you as I follow your blog. I just started my blog this week and I would love to gather up a few followers!

  4. oops. My Etsy shop is:

  5. Great tips! Etsy is a constant learning process for me, and it's always nice to get good advice from someone with more experience. Thanks!

  6. Thanks so much for these tips. They are invaluable for newbies like me.:)

  7. Great tips, thanks :) wish I'd seen this BEFORE I'd put my first ever items on Etsy. If people could take a look at my items, it would be greatly appreciated! >>

  8. Wonderful! These tips are great, I'm a relative newbie who just had her first sale (hurray!) which got me super excited to learn everything I could about Etsy. Thanks for sharing your well learned advice!


  9. Thanks for the invaluable tips Krista. It bears repeating: be patient.

  10. Most helpful blog post!! Thanks for posting and sharing secrets :)

  11. Thanks for the advice! I am a new seller and just learning the ropes so I appreciate any help I can get. :)


    Please check out my shop, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

  12. It's so sweet of you to post this for the newbs! I wish I'd seen this back when I was starting out :).


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