Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today's Featured Seller: Kimber Perry!!!

I'm pretty excited about Today's Featured Seller, just because I love to dress up....yes I'm in my twenties, but your never too old for dress up, and this shop is loaded with fun things for all ages! Let's say hello to Kimber Perry!!!
Don't you love this Red, White and Blue Tutu? I know I do and it is the perfect item to celebrate this week....I only wish I would have found it sooner...because I would totally have to wear it this weekend.....oh well Halloween is around the corner too! Enough rambling....let's hear more about the creators....
~"Hi! We are John and Kimber Perry. We met and married last summer and now are a family of 7. along with our 5 fabulous kids! We began with one shop on Etsy, Perry Style, and now have 2 other shops, Sunshine Threads and Big Daddy Images.
~"We also recently launched our own website, Kimber Perry(which carries all our clothing, tutus and accessories) was created when we had a great desire to spend our days together working towards our goal of owning our own business doing what we love, with the talents given to us by the Lord.
~"We are now able to spend our days creating, being with each other and our 5 children. We have put our trust into God to guide our lives and business in a direction that is fruitful to him and ourselves.
~"Our clothing tutus and accessories are inspired by our children's laughter and innocence, and the world around us. Motivated by providing for our family and being able to bless those around us along through our mission of helping orphaned children in Kenya through A Future and A Hope, we are always creating new and exciting items for our shops."
~Wow...what an inspiring story for us all....Thanks so Much for Sharing with us! Here's the Shop link Again:
And Best of Wishes to you!
~If you'd like to be featured on my blog, just follow and leave a comment with a direct link to your shop!
~Hope to hear from you soon!
~Thanks for Stopping in BedBuggs Boutique!!!

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  1. Great post!
    I would love to have my newest shop featured. :)


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