Friday, June 4, 2010

Today's Featured Seller: Purely Paige

This one's a guilty pleasure for all of us moms/divas out there! Say Hello to this Super Cute Shop: Purely Paige
~Paige's Cute Shop is another one that I spent about a half hour in just trying to decide what to feature.....everything is so cute!
~I officially know where I'm going for my next guilty pleasure (which everyone of us needs to indulge every now and then right?)
Don't you just Love this necklace.....???
~Here's what this talented designer shared about herself:
"I am a self-taught jewelry designer (for over 15 years) with a home studio in Kirkland, WA.
~Until 2 yrs ago my jewelry business time was shared with my full-time corporate job. Lucky for me I met the man of my dreams, and then everything just seemed to fall into place! We had a beautiful baby boy that we didn't want to put into daycare right away so now I am a full-time Mom/Domestic Goddess/Owner of Purely Paige Handmade Jewelry!~Unfortunately, I think I am like most jewelry designers that I seem to get most of my inspiration from beautiful jewels! So I am always working hard on growing my collection ;) When I get back from bead shows I am really really inspired! (those shows can be very dangerous)
~My motivation comes from pure love of the whole process of making jewelry. To me there is nothing more satisfying than creating something with my own hands and then getting paid for it! And as if that isn't enough reward, I get to see people wearing it! And that just makes me feel famous!"
~Thanks for Sharing Paige! Loved getting to know you!
Check out this cute shoe clip....I know I could get many uses out of one of these!!!
I loved this Guitar Pick too...perfect for that Rock Star in your life!!!
~Just so you know Paige is offering FREE SHIPPING EVERYWHERE!!!!
Here's Paige's Shop Link go and enjoy it:
~Wait Check Out Paige's Cute Blog too:
~Thanks Again Paige!
~Would you like to be featured on my blog???
I'd love to feature you....all I ask is that you follow my blog (so you can see all the other awesome shops) and leave a comment here with a link to your shop!
~Thanks for stopping in BedBuggs Boutique!~


  1. Thank you so much for this post! It totally made my day!

  2. Beautiful work! Great blog Krista!

  3. She is so talented! Great feature :)


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