Saturday, June 19, 2010

Featured Seller: Leksi Designs!!!

Today's Featured Seller is fun and unique! This Shop is loaded beautiful finds that you just won't find any where else!
Say Hello to Leksi Designs!!!
Don't you just love this Mark Twain Quote Cuff!!! I think it is awesome! Leksi Designs is packed full with fun stuff like this!
Alrighty then....lets learn a little about the Designer....
~"My name is Brooke. I am the owner of Leksi Designs. I make custom hand stamped jewelry and handmade flower accessories.
~"My shop was named in a pretty simple way. My daughter, age 7, is named Aleksis. Some people call her "Leksi" for short, so there it is...Leksi Designs! In addition to one daughter, I have a husband, Tim, who is a Highway Patrolman and two small dogs, Jasper and Toby.
~"I actually got into stamping metal jewelry when I was shopping for a piece for myself. Everything I looked at was so expensive! So, I just thought I would make it myself! People started asking me about the pieces I was wearing....and my ETSY SHOP WAS BORN!
~"I work full-time during the day for the local school district and take Master's Courses in the evenings as well. I also coach cheerleading part-time and keep a pretty set schedule at the gym. I enjoy running and hope to run a few marathons this summer.
~"How do I find time to do my jewelry? This is fairly simple...I don't No joking aside, I really don't sleep much and jewelry is kind of my "wind-down" time in the late evenings. Hopefully, one day I will be able to spend more of my day doing this...but for now this is working out great!
~"Advice for a new artist~ I would suggest taking the time to come up with something really unique and original before advertising. A new artist must have both quality and quantity to make it. Take great pictures and keep customer service number one!I promote my etsy through my blog and word of mouth mainly. I get more sales through simple private email than anything else.
~"In ten years...I hope to be enjoying life and still creating my jewelry. I am just about finished with my MBA, so hopefully I can tie in my interest in owning my own brick and mortar business with my craft life.
~"My favorite piece of work so far is my Hand stamped Quote Cuff:
~Thanks for Sharing with us Brooke! And I just Love your shop!
Here's her link again.....careful you probably won't leave without making a purchase or two! ;)
If you would like to be featured just follow my blog and leave a comment with a link to your shop so I can contact you!
~Thanks Again for visiting BedBuggs Boutique!!!~


  1. Great blog BedBuggs!!

    These hand stamped jewelery pieces are beautiful! I especially love the personalized necklace.


  2. I love that cuff!!

    I have an award for you! You can find it here:


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