Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today's Featured Seller: Purple Pebble!!!

I know that you are just going to Love Today's Featured Seller!!! This shop is cute and fun! Say Hello to Purple Pebble!!!
Aren't these crochet gloves so cute? Well this shop has different colors to choose from...and these would be the perfect gift for any pre-teen or teenage girl you know....so cute, my lil sis would love these!!!
Okay....I'm done ranting and raving....lets here from the creator!!!
~"I started crocheting at an early age, 11 I think, then knitting in the 80's. Moved from there to jewellery and studied silversmithing at college.
~"I made and sold my own jewellery for many years but I needed workshop space and felt too isolated and alone at home. I started working part-time but then I missed running my own business and making things. I actually started back on crochet to learn how to crochet wire but then I discovered a long buried love of fabric crochet and all the lovely yarns, textures and colours.
~"I think it is the yarns that inspire me, I love to experiment with new patterns, textures and just seeing where the colour and texture will lead me. I have to crochet..it seems, and I have to try and sell, it's not really the money but the thought that someone really likes my work. If you give someone your work they have to like it, or at least pretend to, if someone wants to part with money for something then they must really like it.
~"Why I have to share and not just make for myself? I don't know. I heard the theory once that all art is communication so you have to have other people experiencing your work, or you are only talking to yourself."
Thanks for sharing your shop Purple Pebble! Yes that was a crochet set pictured up above.....awesome!!!!
Here's the shop link again: http://www.etsy.com/shop/PurplePebble
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Thanks Again for stopping in BedBuggs Boutique....have a great day!!!


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For your lovely comments...I'm embarrassed by all that effusive praise (too 'English', lol).

  2. Lovely feature! Her felted bag is awesome!!

  3. Wow, that crochet work blows my mind, I can barely do a straight line. Beautiful work.


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