Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Featured Seller: Almost Precious!!!

Tonight's Featured Seller is yet another unique and one of a kind shop!
Say Hello to Almost Precious!
This Rose Pendant was all the motivation that I needed to check out this shop and learn more about the artist...Anna!
Here's what Anna shared about herself:
~"I'm a wanna be artist, and writer and a die hard dreamer. A part of me refuses to let go of childhood fantasies such as the belief in fairies, magic and that good always triumphs over evil.
~My etsy shop, AlmostPrecious, is a work in progress. Since I'm a dabbler in many crafts, it was no surprise to find me designing and constructing jewelry, However etsy has a plethora of jewelry artist so I decided upon the next best thing; those beautiful beads and findings that make creating jewelry possible. I must admit that occasionally I slip some of my jewelry into my shop but I make sure that there are no more than 4 or 5 pieces listed at any given time; after all I am a supplies shop not a jewelry shop.
~For me motivation comes every time I get an order and every time someone leaves me a lovely feedback or sends me a convo telling me they like my shop. Sales can go up and down, which is happening a lot lately, but I have faith that things on etsy will soon stabilize and get back to normal (the way it was before all the site changes were instigated). I also believe that determination is a great factor in motivation.
~Now motivation in crafting is a different ball of yarn, I find crafting is motivation in itself. There is a wonderful sense of accomplishment when a piece is completed and there is always that curiosity that makes me wonder what would it look like if I used a different color, a different material, changed the size of the beads or alter the sequence in a pattern.
~Inspiration in creating any type of art is easily found everywhere and anywhere, all we have to do is open our eyes and let ourselves see the wonders that are there before us. Inspiration can come from any source; a song, an event, a person, a place. Look at the world through the eyes of a child and you will always be inspired.
~I encourage all artist and crafters to experiment with their medium, let your curiosity prevail, listen to your inner child and always be determined and unafraid to reach for that goal, no matter how far out of reach it may seem. We may not accomplish this in one gigantic step, it may take many smaller steps and perhaps even a step-back but we will never reach it if we lose our determination the first time we stumble."
~Thanks for all your inspiring words Anna! It's really nice to hear something uplifting and inspiring! I hope that Anna's words and work inspire you as much as they have inspired and motivated me.
~Here's her shop link again:
And don't forget to visit her blog too:
~Thanks Again Anna!
~If you'd like to be featured on my blog all I ask is that you follow my blog (to hear about other Etsy Shops) and leave a comment with a link to your shop.
~Thanks for stopping in BedBuggs Boutique!


  1. Darling stuff, and great blog! I would love to be featured!

  2. K. - Thanks so much for the absolutely wonderful feature!
    I love that you pulled some of my very favorite items from my shop to highlight the write-up with.
    Keep on inspiring. :)
    Anna of AlmostPrecious and ABeader'sBlog

  3. What can I say? Anna is not only an awesome person...and blogger...and talented artist. I love her to death and I'm glad you featured her because she, in fact, ROCKS!!

  4. I love her blog! She's been so wonderfully detailed that I have to visit there! I haven't been to her shop but I'm going now! Many thanks for featuring her!

  5. Wonderful blog post. I love Anna too :) She is one of my Dearest Blogger Buddies :)

    Her blog is full of insight and her creativity shines thru.

    Awesome Feature :) T.


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