Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today's Featured Seller: SilkenMoon!!!

Today's Featured Seller is SilkenMoon!!! And they have a unique shop with
Very Pretty Silk Flower Jewelry!
Isn't this Purple necklace so cute?
After seeing this cutie....we just have to learn more about the creator behind it!
~"I'm Virginia from Virginia (Virginia McConnell from beautiful, historic Richmond, Virginia).
~"I have a perfect husband, two amazing children, a very nice Labrador retriever, and a snooty cat.
~"And I make stuff because I just can't help it. For a long time I focused on sewing, particularly cocktail and evening wear, but my work has taken a more lighthearted turn lately --
~"I'm especially enjoying designing jewelry and accessories.
~"My Etsy shop, Silken Moon, is currently featuring a lot of fiber flower necklaces. Some of them are big, bold statement pieces with bright colors and tons of beads, and some are light, happy little blossom necklaces that feel like summer to me.
~"I'm also experimenting with some that don't have flowers -- beads and chains and little sparkly bits. For the time being, the jewelry is keeping me busy, but at some point I'll almost certainly get back to sewing.
~"I love to use upcycled/repurposed fabrics to make one-of-a-kind jackets, and I'm looking forward to featuring some of them in my Etsy shop in the future. You can see some examples of them on my website:
~"I'm sure I'll also find other things to make -- or they'll find me.
~"As I said, I make things because I just can't help it!"
~Thanks so much for sharing with us SilkenMoon!
Now you just have to head to this cute shop to see everything that shes got to offer....I'm sure you'll find a little something for yourself or someone on your gift list!
Here's the link again:
And off you all go to check it out! ;)
Thanks again to all our Featured Sellers for sharing!
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