Saturday, August 7, 2010

Featured Seller: Intentional Glass!!!

Today's Featured Seller is a Very Unique and Fun find! I've been waiting for a while to share this cute shop with you...because if you are on the hunt for a unique gift...this is your place! Say Hello to Intentional Glass!
Isn't this Recycled Slump Wine Bottle Cheese Tray so cool? It's definitely a great conversational piece for parties and more!
Alrighty then...let's learn about this seller!
~"I am mom who likes to play with fire. I work in both lampwork (melting and manipulating the glass with a torch)and kiln formed (using the heat of the kiln to melt and form the glass) techniques. The glass is my muse. It is simple, complex, liquid, solid, functional, fragile, and beautiful.
~"Each time I make something, whether it is the first or the fiftieth it is a new experience. I carry pieces that are made new glass and pieces made from old glass bottles. Recycling old glass is an ancient practice. The bottles have a history and a bit of mystery.
~"My shop's name is Intentional Glass. I named it on purpose. Pursuing this business allows me to be creative in a productive way and it also allows me to be home with my infant son."

~Yay for SAHM's! Don't you just LOVE these items? Well here's the shop link so you can go see some more!

~Thanks so much for sharing your shop and a little about yourself Holly! Best of Wishes to you and your adorable shop!

~Would you like to be featured on this blog? Just follow and leave a comment with a link to your shop!

~Have a Great Weekend!~

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