Monday, August 2, 2010

Today's Featured Seller: Frenchy and Sophie!!!

Today's Featured Seller is another Chic and Adorable little shop...and they are relatively new to let's give a warm welcome to Frenchy and Sophie!!!
Isn't this Rose Brooch super cute? I love it, and I'm know thinking of all the outfits that I could coordinate it with!
Let's learn a little bit more about this great Seller:
~"Making anything and everything gives me great pleasure. I love notions of simplicity mixed with beautiful detailing, a palette of muted color and simple cuts with beautiful textile detail.
~"My background is in fashion design but I sometimes find the technical restraints of fashion design frustrating. Making a variety of different products for my etsy store and local boutiques gives me a sense of creative freedom.
~"Frenchy and Sophie- The lifestyle collection, contains beautiful items to fit you, your home and your lifestyle. Each item has been lovingly handcrafted; all patterns and designs are original and unique with limited availability. All items are made from quality materials and crafted to high standards."

You can follow the journey of Frenchy and Sophie creations and get to know the creator- that’s me Aimee at;

Thanks so much for Sharing with us Aimee! Love your adorable!
Here's her shop link....and away we all go!

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~Have a Marvelous Monday!!!~

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