Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Featured Seller: Unexpected Knock!!!

Today's Featured Seller is another New and Undiscovered shop that deserves a spotlight! Say Hello to Unexpected Knock!!!
This Shop is loaded with lots of Art and Cards, which are goodies that we could all use. Let's learn a little more about the artist behind the scenes.
~"I'm a 26-year old teacher just north of Boston, and I live with my husband and our dog Katie (whose collar is tricked out in my Etsy dog finds) in a little old yellow house that is constantly being scraped, painted, decorated and gardened around. Before I got my teaching degree, I had a double undergrad major in English and Studio art, so there's always been some sort of conceptual fusion of the two in my work. It is rare that a day goes by without me getting my hands on something good to read, and I often get caught up on a word, line, or idea that just must be translated into something visual. My husband and I are big hikers and road trippers, so I sometimes gather up ideas from the woods of New England and the open road as well. I finish the greatest quantity of work when school vacation comes around, but I try to squeeze some in between my stacks of essays to grade when school is in session too.
~"My Unexpected Knock shop just opened recently, and I'm working on creating pieces to fill it up. The title comes from a line from an Emily Dickinson poem, and in fact, everything in the shop has been inspired by the reclusive poetess. The idea came from a young lady who took my English class two years in a row, and was obsessed with Emily Dickinson (I've always liked her too). She would talk to me after class about the latest imagery or words she had encountered in Dickinson's work, and it struck me how visual stunning her phrasing can be. The final bit came when I heard about the NY Botanical Garden opening an Emily Dickinson garden based on specific poems (I still haven't even been there yet!). The shop's not full yet, but I've got a sketchbook full of ideas and some underway.
~"The first shop I opened, As You Like It, also takes its inspiration from literature. This time I borrowed from the Bard. It was the first play of his that I ever taught, and it was to a high risk group of inner city kids. The title "As You Like It" makes me think not only of the bold, strong, and diverse characters in the play, but also the awesome group of kids that engaged with it. Like the play (and my class, for that matter), my shop doesn't just have one thing going on, but I try to bring many different media and products together."

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Thanks so much for Sharing with us Stephanie! Great work!!!
Here's the link to her shop again so we can all make a visit:

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Have a Happy Hump Day!!!


  1. That's so awesome! I love Emily Dickinson myself- her work is so great.


  2. Her shop is very cute

    I feature shops too.

  3. I like the kite. It's cute!


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