Monday, August 23, 2010

Featured Seller: A la Mode Fashion!!!

Today's Featured Seller is relatively new to Etsy but one look at this cute shop and you will see that they are bound to be a success! Say Hello to a la mode Fashion:
Isn't this headband soooo cute? I'm thinkin' that it is the perfect touch for late summer/ fall. I just love the colors.
Okay, let's learn a little more about this seller:
~"My name is Jacqueline O'Marra and I live in Ontario, Canada. This fall I'll be returning to Toronto for my second year of design school at Ryerson University working towards a Bachelor of Fashion Design. I was born with a bone disorder that makes me very short so I've always had a hard time finding clothing that I liked. From an early age I had to start making clothes to fit my body instead of going out and buying them from a store. That's when my love of creating fashion and accessories really began.
~"During High School I attended an art school where I learned a lot about many different kinds of fine art but I always found that working in 3D was most comfortable for me because of all the time I had spent sewing. The training I got there helped me with the creative side of my designs.
~"I started up my Etsy Shop this year after I received a government grant for students to start their own businesses. I decided on Bags and accessories because I've always been a huge hoarder of bags and I also thought that accessories fit everyone no matter what shape or size you are.
~"I'm motivated by a desire to create. I love making things for people to wear because to me it's greater than art because people use what I make them every day. It makes them feel good about themselves to put on something beautiful and gives them the confidence to say "Here I am world. Notice me"
~"I use a lot of bright, bold colours and patterns in my designs because I want my accessories to be the thing that pulls an outfit together. I want them to be stand out pieces that people can feel good about having on their arm but also functional and versatile enough to hold everything a woman needs for any time of day.
Right now flowers have been a huge inspiration for me so I'm using a lot of floral patterned fabrics and hand twisted fabric roses to decorate my hair accessories and jewelry."

If you want to check out any of my designs find me at:

~Thanks so much for sharing Jacqueline! You've definitely inspired me!

Here's her shop link to enjoy and then spread the news!

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  1. thanks for introducing A La Mode Fashion. I'm off to look around!


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