Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Featured Seller: Tarapparel!!!

Today's Seller is pretty new and let's help to spread the word....come on we all know what it's like starting out! Say Hello to Tarapparel!
Tarapparel, Tarappare, Tarapparel.....sorry I just love how this shop name rolls right off the tongue, Such a Great Shop Name!
Isn't this dress so cute? I just love dresses, I they always seem to call my name, and this one cute!
Alright...I'm done...let's learn about this seller!
~"My name is Tara Welch, I recently graduated from the fashion design program at Fanshawe College. I opened my Etsy shop "Tarapparel" on June 4th 2010. At Tarapparel you can purchase jewelry, knit hats, and summer dresses. In the fall I will also start to sell pajama pants and stockings.
~"What keeps me motivated is knowing that running this business and working on my products(clothing) is helping me keep up the skills I learned in college while I work on finding a job in the fashion industry."

You can check out my blog at

Thanks so much for Sharing with us Tarapparel!!!!
Here's the shop link again....
...and off we all go to enjoy!

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~Have a Happy Hump Day!~


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