Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Featured Seller: Jeanie Bean Handknits!!!

Today's feature is another fun find, this shop has loads of fun and cute items. Say Hello to Jeanie Bean Handknits!
Okay, this chunky scarf is so cute! Love the color and everything about it.

Let's learn a little more about this great Etsy Seller!
~"My name is Jeanie B. Jeanie Bean is a nickname from my childhood along with a few others I won’t mention! I’m a teacher, a married mother of 2 girls. I live in the suburbs in a beautiful area that is slowly being developed. There’s still plenty of conservation areas, bike paths and wooded areas to explore but we’re close enough to Chicago to visit.
~"I am an avid knitter. I learned the basics in high school and taught myself to knit the things I love – sweaters, mittens, hats and handbags. I’m still learning new techniques and shortcuts. I love a new challenge!

~"I was knitting for myself and friends. I continued to create more and more items and then tried a few arts and craft shows. I also sold some of my handbags in a local store. A store owner suggested I try Etsy. I began shopping on Etsy and I was hooked!

~"I love fashion. I love the colors and textures naturally found in this beautiful world of ours. I enjoy making people happy.

I’ve gained some new friends and so much support and validation for my craft here on Etsy."

Thanks again for sharing with us your work and I know that several of us could find use for all the items in your cute shop!
Here's the link to her shop again so we can all visit:

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