Thursday, July 1, 2010

Featured Seller: Nancy's Bags Etc!!! excited I am about Today's Feature! This Shop is adorable...and its just another one of those finds that I can't believe is pasted all over the Front Page on Etsy.....Say Hello to Nancy's Bags Etc!!!
Isn't this bag....totally adorable??? Well I'm a huge fan of Red, Black and whole house is splashed with these timeless colors, so needless to say this bag is a must have! And this shop is loaded with great finds just like these featured!
Let's learn a little big about the Shop and Designer!
~"My name is Nancy, creator, owner, and seamstress for Nancy's Bags Etc. -
~"I have been sewing since I was a little girl. I learned a lot from watching my Mom and one of my sisters sew and create wonderful items. I started sewing dolls clothes at age 10 and by the time I was 15 I was sewing most of my own clothes.
~"A lot of time has passed since then and I am still in love with sewing. I made many cute outfits for both of my children when they were young, from Halloween costumes to dresses and everything in between. I still sew some of my own clothes along with house hold items such as pillows, slip covers, and many quilts, (another craft that I love) large and small wall hangings.
~"I love the choice of fabrics available. My purses are unique and most are one of a kind, my own design. If I do use a pattern (rarely) I will change it a bit to make it my own unique design. My daughter told me about Etsy last year and I opened my shop in October. I am so glad that I did. I have made a lot of friends and it is such a thrill when someone buys something in my shop. It means a lot to me.
~"I have another shop on Etsy:
~"I am still selling my purses and my stained glass items at local consignment stores. So between the two Etsy shops, 4 consignment shops, a part time job, wife and mother I have very busy days and I love everything that I am doing."
~Thanks for Sharing's her shop link again...
And off you all go to check out this Awesome Shop!
~Thanks for Stopping by BedBuggs Boutique~
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~Have a Nice Day!~


  1. cute cute bags :)
    i would like to be featured as well ,here is my yummy shop

  2. I LOVE Nancys' bags. They are just beautifully made.

  3. Such beautiful bags! Great feature.

  4. Love Nancy's bags! Great feature on a very talented lady! :)

  5. Nancy is always creating something new! Love your work Nancy!

  6. Love these bags! You almost make me want to pull out all 3 of my sewing machines...wait what am I saying?! Wish I had more room in my studio.

  7. If you love Nancy's bags wait until you see her Stained Glass Shop..She is amazing and just the sweetest woman. I just love her...

  8. I just love Nancy! She did a custom purse for me and nailed it!! Love that black w/ the big red flower!!!

    Her stained glass creations are amazing as well!!!

  9. Wait....I want that green bag too!!!! =D

    Love your blog Bedbuggs!! The fun fonts really caught my eye. Just became a "follower" & would love to be featured too! Here is my little shop:


  10. Thank you all for such lovely compliments. And thank you Krista for featuring me and my shop. I truly appreciate it.


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