Thursday, July 1, 2010

BedBuggs Newest Items!!!

Okay...I've had so much fun doing the Featured Sellers that I'm forgetting to share the latest with my shop!
~Pictured above is my newest Rose Throw Pillow. Just your simple black and white...but it is very elegant and I'm just going to have to make some of my own as soon as I find the time!
~ Here's the latest headbands I've thrown together. These weren't my idea, a sweet gal asked me to make some just like her daughters that had broken, and she couldn't find replacements.
~So she sent a picture and I have to tell you I love them so much that I've made a bunch for my lil girl...she keeps telling me that she feels beautiful with them on!

~ They come in Light Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, White and Red...if you'd like another know the drill....just ask!
  • Coming soon to BedBuggs Boutique a Raccoon Plush Pillow....thanks to all those who have helped me by voting on a name....only problem there's a hurry and vote if you haven't and be the tie breaker!

~Thanks for Visiting BedBuggs Boutique....Have a Great Day!!!


  1. Like the black and white pillow. Very classy.

  2. Love the pillow, and the headbands are adorable!

  3. Love the headbands. Don't think my 15 year old would look quite that cute though!

    Here's my shop - proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society - if you're interested in featuring it. I would appreciate it a lot!

    Nice blog - am following :)

  4. I just love your Black and White pillow ! Its so beautiful . I will be redecorating some time soon and will have to try to fit this is my new theme !

  5. I have to agree with everyone else that the black & white pillow is awesome!!


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