Friday, July 23, 2010

Today's Featured Seller and Giveaway: Kindle And Cast!!!

I'm Beyond Excited to Share Today's Featured Seller with you (I've wanted to for weeks now). This Shop is One of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES!!!! I'm a customer for life!!!
Say Hello to Kindle and Cast!!!
So I'm sure that most of you are thinking "'re over reacting a little bit here Krista"...but hear me out!!! (Yes...I usually stay away from ranting and raving but you HAVE TO HEAR THIS).
So I've been VERY STRESSED OUT lately, as my hubby has been laid off for months, lingering health problems, and just fighting like mad to keep me home with my kids.
So when I saw this Tension Tamer Bath Salts....I thought...."right, like that will ever work for me" (yes, I'm very skeptical) but I decided to give it a try.
My package arrived about two months ago, and being as swamped as I am it took about two weeks for me to take the time to take a bath and try this out. Well, I finally did (I usually hate baths...just can't relax long enough to enjoy one..too much to do)
and.......Girls/ Guys....I felt my muscles relax immediately! I felt all the tension just leave my body...and I loved it so much I stayed in the tub for over an hour (totally not like me, and my hubby was worried about me, and checked on me several times.) And after this bath I fell asleep immediately and slept soundly for the first time in years!!!
So LONG STORY SHORT!!! I'm a customer for life! I will be buying all my friends and family (especially the stressed out ones) this bath salt, because it works like you would not believe!!! So here's the link to BUY IT NOW!!! Tension Tamer Bath Salts
Alright, I've said what I need to let's hear a little about this GREAT SELLER!!!
~"Hi, I’m Rowan. I’m an artist, work-from-home mum and tribal belly dancer living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I’ve been a crafter all my life, got to be creating something to be happy. My 4-yr-old loves to lend a hand and share ideas… unfortunately, unicorns don’t really factor into my current passions, but she’s trying to convert me.

~"I’m a neuromuscular therapist, and preferred organics when I could get them when I lived in the big city, but when I got pregnant I went into research overdrive on child health and development. Talk about a runaway nesting instinct! Anyway, I learned a great deal; and resolved to move to a cleaner, safer environment (Floyd County, VA) and start putting some of my convictions where my mouth was. Ta-dah! My beautiful Etsy ‘natural Goddess’ store, where you can find gentle yet effective organic skin care, spiritual and nature-inspired jewelry and prayer circles, and tribal belly dance adornments (a girl’s gotta have a bit of bling in her life, and a touch of shimmy to those beautiful birthin’ hips!).

~"Mums so often forget to breathe, deeply or otherwise, and the right 15 minutes makes all the difference in the world sometimes. Yes, your children need you, the people in your life need you – but that is exactly why you must give yourself a bit of time every day. It’s not selfish, it’s practical common sense; if you don’t recharge, you’re no good to them. Take a nice hot bath, inhale a bit of healing, good-for-you herbs and aromatherapy… and relax! Remember to enjoy your life, and take care.




But Wait!!!! Rowan is DOING A GIVEAWAY TOO!!!
One item of the winner’s choice from my organic skin care line (soaps, ointments, baths, steams).

Okay, Gals....this is one that you can't miss!!!

How To Enter...
(Please Leave an individual comment/ links & email address for each!!!)
Winner will be Selected at Random.Org
Giveaway Ends July 31st at Midnight (MST)!!!
  • Follow my Blog = 1 Entry
  • Visit and Heart Kindle and Cast's Shop= 2 Entries
  • Share Giveaway on Facebook = 3 Entries
    Tweet About this Giveaway = 3 Entries
  • Blog About This Giveaway=4 Entries
  • Buy Something from Only One's Shop=6 Entries

    Thanks For Entering.....and a Big Thank You to....Rowan!!!
    Best Wishes to ALL!!!

    Have a Great Summer Weekend!!! ;)


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  7. Enter me please, I'm a GFC follower, thank you.

  8. Following your blog, I'd love to try this out

    Atoxim at gmail dot com

  9. Love your shop. I hearted you.

  10. I am following your blog.


  11. if im not too late to enter ...i follow your blog

  12. i visited her site and the normal to dry skin face steam product looks amazing.hearted it

  13. i LOVE her shop, i've purchased the bug repellant (really works btw) and tried her milk bath and two of her soaps and love it all! ... don't be afraid to try her things, you won't be sorry ... :0)


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