Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today's Featured Seller: For the Foxes!!!

Today's Shop is another Great Shop that I am pretty excited to share with you! Say Hello to For the Foxes!
Isn't this Necklace so adorable??? I can't get it out of my head, I love it....just like everything else in this shop!
Let's hear a little more about this great seller!
~"My name is Jillian Doskocil and I think the best way to describe me is purely lackadaisical. By day I am a merchandiser at Urban Outfitters and by night I am a crafting shut in.

~"I love adventures, ideas, and colors, as well as creating with no limits. Like most people I don't like to limit myself to one artistic medium. I went to school for fashion design and then got my degree in photography. I think that photography is relaxing, therapeutic and just another way for people to see what the world looks like through my eyes.
~"I got my etsy account the day before my birthday (April 28th), promised myself that I would start selling things in 2 months and I just posted my first item four days ago. I love when people want my jewelry. It motivates me to make more and better my craft and really try to make things unique. The name for my etsy is actually my favorite poem by Charles Bukowski, for the foxes. It speaks to me on so many levels. Plus, I have a long-haired chihuahua named Wiley, that looks just like a fox.

~"My biggest inspiration is the 70's. I love the colors, the people, the fashion, the ideas, the photography... I could really go on forever.
I also get a lot of inspiration from native american culture, and my mothers old photographs. So I guess the jewelry I sell has a 70's meets native american meets your grandma kind of vibe. I like it and I really hope that others like it too.
~"I like to keep myself busy with little things here and there. I recently started a website:
I started it because I was finding hearts in everything I would look at (my food, in my make up, at work). Once it started to be something more than a coincidence, I began taking photos of them and putting them on facebook. Then my friends started finding hearts and sending them to me. So I made my website and started showcasing all of the hearts I received, including my own. I get about 1 a week from friends and strangers. Its really cool to see what everyone comes up with. A lot of people can't find natural occurring hearts, and others find like 4 a week. I hope that the site grows and grows so people from all over start sending them in."

I also have the following websites:

*forthefoxes also has a fan page on facebook!!

~Thanks so much for Sharing with us Jillian! I need to throw in that she is a GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER TOO so you REALLY HAVE to stop in her flickr you won't be disappointed!
Here is her shop link to enjoy and heart!

~If you would like to be featured on my blog...just follow and leave a comment with a link to your shop so I can contact you!

Have a Fantastical Weekend!!!

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