Friday, July 16, 2010

Today's Featured Seller: Paul Giunta Photography!!!

Today's Spotlight is on another Amazing Photographer! Say Hello to Paul Giunta Photography!!!
Isn't this Bridge Picture awesome....I love how all the photographs in this shop make me feel like I'm right there!
Alright....lets learn a little about the Photographer!
~"It all started when I was 11. My parents were assembling items for a garage sale, and one bin in particular caught my eye—it contained a collection of no longer used cameras. I tucked away the nicest of the bunch for myself and spent the subsequent afternoons of my childhood pointing it at everything I could. I don’t recall actually having film in that first camera, but something about freezing a moment, an expression, or a thought in time captured my imagination.
~"Years later, it’s still the same—my camera is never far from my side, and I’m always snapping away. I still don’t have film in my camera, thanks to digital—some things never change.

~"Inspiration: I tend to draw from all that is around me. I love to make the seemingly ordinary become interesting and beautiful. Also, living in Southern California, being married to a wonderful woman, and sharing two adorable (and sometimes troublesome) puppies makes me a very happy person.
~"Motivation: Currently I am about halfway through a "Take a Photograph a Day" project which keeps me moving. It has helped me to understand that not every photograph that I make will be fantastic, but the fact that I consistently maintain my practice of the craft makes me a better photographer."

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~Thanks so Much for Sharing with us! Now off we all go (me included) to check out this Great Shop!

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Have a Great Weekend....Keep Cool too! ;)

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