Saturday, July 10, 2010

Featured Seller: Art L8dy!!!

Today's Featured Seller is loaded with Goodies that you can't find any where else....say Hello to one of a kind.....Art L8dy!!!
Isn't this wall hanging so creative and Cute? Well, if you love this piece you'll love the rest of this cute shop!
Let's learn a little bit more about the Artist:
~"Since I am the ArtL8dY, here's 8 things about me that I 'd like you to know:
1. I was destined for a career in art & marketing at a very early age. Instead of setting up a lemonade stand like all the other kids on my block, I sold crayon drawings of the neighbor's houses to them for 25¢.
2. My first encounter with a sewing machine was in 8th grade. I protested Catholic school so I could go to public school and take classes like art and home ec. My teacher was Mrs. Smith and I'll never forget how impeccable she was with sewing. She hated puckers and made us iron our tissue patterns before we pinned them on the fabric. To this day, I follow her rules!
~"3. My most treasured possession is my Aunt Pearl's sewing machine. I had it shipped to my home in Texas from North Tonawanda NY. Aunt Pearl let me sew on it every weekend while I slept over her house. My cousin nicknamed me "bedbug". That's when I really caught the "sewing bug"! (BTW, Aunt Pearl is 94 and I make stuff for her all the time!)
4. For my high school graduation, I got a Singer sewing machine. It was the coolest thing because it could sew zig-zag stitches. When I'm not riding Aunt Pearl's machine in high gear, I use the portable Singer for those fancy zig zag stitches.
5. I studied art in college but can't remember a thing I learned. (It was the 70's)
6. The last time I sewed a dress I was still single. (enough said)
7. The first time I went to the Houston Quilt show I thought I died and gone to heaven. No lie!
8. Texas has been very good to me. I managed to get entry level positions in graphic design and have made a career out of teaching graphics at the local community college.
~"For me, sewing is the greatest form of relaxation. I have done other crafts, but I always come back to the sewing machine. I hope you'll find something here on my esty shop that you will find whimsical enough to keep or give away.
~"I'm hoping to make my etsy shop unique by offering the most original mini art quilts. So far I have about 20 and I keep adding more at least once or twice a week.
~"Check me out on Facebook:
"e14studio" is where I create.
~Thanks so much for Sharing with a Sharon!
Off we all go to check out the rest of her shop:
~If you would like to see your shop featured on my blog....just follow and leave a comment with a link to your shop so I can contact you!
~Have a Fantabulous Weekend!!!


  1. I have the pleasure of knowing artl8dy personally and her pieces are as awesome as she is! Funny, talented, a great teacher and an amazing woman.

    I am new to etsy so I am still tweaking my shop:

  2. I have purchased many of Art Lady's fabulous art over the years, you will not be disappointed in her pieces. Alexis, Anusara Yoga Teacher

  3. I am artl8dy's nephew and she is a wonderful aunt and a creative Juggernaut in many fields. Send us another one of those cool fabrics with kitties on it!

  4. Love the quilts featured here, so colorful! I am now following your blog, and would be interested in having my shop be featured on your blog as well! I have a knitting/crochet etsy shop: Let me know, thanks!

  5. I am proud to say Artl8dy is my sister and she is very talented and srtsy!! I love all her work but these quilt squares are really special. I love the kitty ones!!


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