Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Featured Seller: What no mints!!!

I'm excited to share today's feature with you, as this shop is not only creative...but beyond adorable!!! Say Hello to What no mints!!!
Isn't this Bird Garland just too cute for words? I'd love to hang it just about any where in my house! So darling! This is definitely a shop that you are going to want to mark as a favorite!
Alright...I'm off my soap box! Let's learn a little more about What no mints!

~"I've always enjoyed crafting from a very young age and when other students in school groaned and complained at the thought of having to make a model of a cell for biology class or a brain for psychology class, my heart would jump with excitement and I couldn't wait to get to the craft store and get started!

~"I've grown up a bit now and have recently graduated with a degree in Biochemistry. My geeky and cute felt goodies are a way for me to merge my creativity and my love of making things with my hands with my infatuation with chemistry.

~"I am constantly inspired by my studies and my research in the science field and my nerdy items absolutely reflect that! I also create many bright and colorful non-science felt goodies for those who don't exactly share my passion for chemistry :) I also enjoy the little connections you make with each customer and knowing that your item brightened someone's day. It is the inspirational variety and more personal transactions with buyers that always keeps me motivated and excited about what I make!
~"I will be participating in Etsy's Christmas in July Sale (I am hard at work stocking up on fall and winter items ... while its nearly 90 degrees out!) so be sure to check in after the 4th of July for discounts on my items!

I also post nearly daily on my blog about not only Etsy-related topics, but recipes I make, photos I take during my day-to-day adventures, random science tidbits, etc."

Thanks so much for sharing your adorable shop with us Sasha!
Now we all need to hurry on over to take advantage of her Christmas in July Sale! Here's her shop link again:
And don't forget to pay a visit to her cute blog too!

~If you would like to see your shop featured, just follow my blog and leave a comment with a link to your shop!

~Have a Happy Wednesday!~


  1. Wonderful post Krista - Thanks again!

  2. That is a stunning garland! great blog feature :) Debs


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