Monday, July 19, 2010

Featured Seller: Devil May Wear!!!

Today's Featured Seller is a Great Shop with all sorts of fun finds! Say Hello to Devil May Wear!
Isn't this Top way too cute? I sure think so!
Let's learn a little more about this great Seller:
~"With an enduring believe that form and function must coexist Devil May Wear’s latest collection for summer 2010 is just that.
This collection is named after everyones favorite lazy day of the week in hopes that it will be Always Sunday. With comfortable, forgiving fabrics mostly in sustainable blends and vintage prints this mini collection is somewhere between stylized basics and artistic additions.

~"Made to be versatile these pieces can easily be dressed up or worn with comfy casuals. “The idea is we all need a little more time to relax. Creating a wardrobe of wearable, long lasting styles does just that,” boasts designer/owner Stephanie Ostler.
~"Her faves of this group are the cream Donna shirt with its volume on top and not in the body giving a fabulous figure with a little roman charm created by pleats at the neckline and the Midnight high waist skirt shorter in the front, and longer in the back with a large tie at the waist for a feminine touch that suits every body type. “I know, I chose all the bamboo jersey blends but they really do make fantastic pieces.
~"Regardless of ones opinion on sustainability they’re just better fabrics” Worn with a cardigan for a chilly evening or in the muggy heat of the summer the breathable fabric and functional fits are excellent options since bamboo fabrics have a property similar to wool where they cool when your too hot and insulate when your cold. “I don’t really know how that is,” Ostler admits, “all I know is that it works and I personally love it.”

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