Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Featured Seller: Mermaid's Palette!!!

Today's Featured Seller is a True Artist! And this Shop has several great finds! Say Hello to Mermaid's Palette!
Isn't this watercolor stunning? I love it, makes me want to learn how to use watercolors!
Enough chatting....let's hear from the artist!
~"I am a California artist spending most of my time painting, making charms, and my newest passion- stained glass!

~"I have loved all kinds of art for as long as I can remember, and started drawing and painting as a kid. I grew up with a very creative mom and that definitely inspired me to continue on with art, and to get an art degree.
~"When I lived on Long Island, I was a stay at home mom (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and painted whenever I got a chance. I was lucky to find a variety of shops where I was able to sell my work. I spent a lot of time painting beaches and nautical themes, as well as wine glasses painted with the Fire Island Lighthouse. I learned how to solder so I could make memory charms for myself, and then started selling them also. My favorite charm is always around my neck as a good luck charm- my boys' Air Force photos!

~"Now that my boys are grown and in the Air Force, we moved back to California to be near our families. I found Etsy and got started selling online. I chose the name Mermaid's Palette for my shop because it says a little about two of my favorite things- the beach and painting! I divide my painting time between watercolors, and oils.

~"I find my painting inspiration all around me, looking at everything as a possible painting. This time of year when everything is in full bloom, my garden gives me a lot of painting possibilities.
~"My best motivation comes from my husband who is always encouraging me! Etsy is a great outlet for selling, but I spend as much time as possible painting and creating whether it pays or not- most of us didn't become artists for the money!"

Thanks so much for sharing with us Sheryl! Love your work! here's the link to her shop again:
And don't forget to visit her great blog too!

~If you would like to have your shop featured on my blog, just follow and leave a comment with a link to your shop!

~Have an Awesome Day~


  1. Thanks, Krista for making me look good! You have such a wonderful blog and I really appreciate the feature!

  2. LOVE the soldered glass pendants!!! So pretty!!!
    Viki aka PettiBear


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